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How to recover university exams? Il recovery of university exams is undoubtedly an aspect that many students care about since falling behind or going out of business are quite frequent problems.

Le difficulties often found for the lack of a university study method. Too many students go to university relying on improvisation or trying to adapt - with poor results - the study methods inherited from high school preparing for university exams.

Retrieve university exams it should be one prerogative of the students who have remained behind: continuing to procrastinate the problem, you risk ending up in a whirlwind of negative emotions and pressures that make more and more difficult to get up and get back on track. On the other hand, success creates positive emotions, motivates, increases one's self-esteem and excites, making it easier for you to walk.

The solution usually adopted by students who decide to recover university exams it consists in dedicating a daily study session to the backward subjects, and another, instead, to the subjects of the current semester. Of course, you can also study 10-12 hours a day and try to opt for this solution. But it is unlikely that an unmotivated student who is stuck overnight will resume studying at such a high pace. It is an “easy” and theoretical solution that is difficult to apply in practice, like almost all the advice given in manuals for university study. Also consider that studying so much every day is extremely stressful and tiring, and reduces the possibility of cultivating social life and carrying out other activities / disciplines outside the academic ones (sports, gym, dance, etc.). Completely isolating yourself for study can be destructive to your personal growth; therefore it is necessary to avoid this risk by always trying to combine university activities and social life.

If you want recover university exams you have to first regain the desire to study: if you are remained behind it is likely that you have lived through a period in which - through your fault or through ungovernable events - you have neglected the study (in this regard I have already explained to you in an article how regain the desire to study). But basically the recovery of exams is linked to the application of an adequate study method or a strategy made up of practical and effective techniques that allow you to optimize your performance.

You can also find the right amount of motivation and make an effort to get back on track, but without an adequate study method to support you during your university career, you will always risk getting stuck in the face of difficulties. Motivation is important; but alone is not enough!

How to catch up on university exams: here's what you need

recover university exams you have to:

  • Equip yourself with a effective study method that allows you to learn and memorize quickly
  • (Re) find the concentration in the study
  • Be motivated in order to defeat boredom and procrastination
  • Know exactly how many hours a day study, in what times of the day and in which places
  • Manage them in a balanced way pause so that they allow you to rest and recharge without losing the rhythm
  • To prevent anxiety
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