Cry when you need it

Cry when you need it

Cry when you need it

Last update: December 02, 2015

Contrary to what you might think, humans are not the only ones crying: all mammals are capable of demonstrating their pain, loneliness and sadness in this way. The biggest difference is that we are educated and told when is the best time to cry and when we shouldn't.

Girls are told that crying is good because it is a form of self-expression, but then they are considered overly sensitive. Boys are taught not to cry because it is a sign of cowardice. And so we grow up, some more "free", others more repressed.

Cry when you need it, today we will give you some good reasons to do so.

“It's okay to cry, but do it standing up, working. It is more valuable to sow than to cry for what has been lost ”.

(Alejandro Casona)

While crying, explore your feelings thoroughly

Cry and you will discover feelings and emotions that you have probably forgotten. Have you ever started crying about something and then find yourself crying about something completely different? It happens because you don't give yourself the opportunity to bring out your emotions when they are being born.

“Crying is not a sign of weakness. Since birth, it has always been a sign of life ”.

(Charlotte Brontë)

By allowing anger and pain to build up without fighting them, they turn into a kind of poison. Some people prefer to keep such emotions as far away as possible; it is a mistake because the deeper you look, the better you can know yourself and the freer you feel. Don't be afraid to discover your deepest fears and desires: only when you get to this point can you feel truly free.

Cry to wash your soul

Just like a nice shower washes your body, tears wash the soul. After crying, you will feel free, with more energy and desire to move forward, even though the atmosphere is not the best. We accumulate so many things inside of us that then we do not dare to let them go because we believe that, in this way, it will be even more complicated and painful. The problem is that all the sadness, frustration, fear and nervousness also hurt you.

“Sometimes, we don't have the choice between tears and laughter, but only between tears and tears, so we have to decide to express the most beautiful ones”.

(Maurice Maeterlinck)

You will have had time to know what is hurting you. The next step is to create a strategy to move forward and resolve the outstanding issues. Don't stop and cry all you want, then carry on. After all, she also cries with happiness.

Crying avoids health problems

Often, we forget that our mind and body are connected, and we treat them as if they were two completely distinct entities. This is a serious mistake since, when the mind suffers, the body gets sick.

For this reason, it is not uncommon to see people who are depressed or living in deep loneliness who also have serious physical problems. Another example is the stress that causes back pain. Pay attention to your body and cry endlessly when you need it. Your body is much wiser than you think and will always alert you, communicating your needs.

“Tears run down my cheeks without me feeling the need to close my eyes. What is it that makes me cry like that? It just happens to me from time to time. There is nothing that can sadden me. In any case, the past happiness is completely gone from my memory, if it can be said that there ever was ”.

(Samuel Beckett)

Crying reminds you that you are human

Don't cry just for health reasons, also cry to get in touch with your more human side. We grow up with the idea that crying shows us weak or defeated. Maybe in some cases it is, but it is also a way to get closer to your most human and fragile part.

“Tears are often the last smile of love”.


Give yourself the opportunity to cry in front of others, even if you think it may seem strange or annoying to them. Tears can help you better demonstrate your feelings; when they are real, they are perfectly allowed. However, you must avoid using tears as a form of blackmail.

Don't be ashamed of your need to cry, there is no good reason to hold back. Get rid of the idea that crying is a bad thing!

Image courtesy of Christiaan Lieverse

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