Changing your life: 10 habits to change your life

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Sometimes to change your life all it takes is to change direction. Sometimes to change direction all it takes is to change habits.


I always thought that only extraordinary events could change your life: things like winning the lottery, meeting your soul mate, finding your dream job, etc ..

In part I still think so, but recent experiences have taught me that one good habit, repeated daily and with discipline, can give you far better results. Haven't I convinced you ?! Are you still with the lottery ticket in hand? Follow me…

To form a good habit you don't have to pray, cross your fingers, or hope it works there law of attraction.

For a good habit to change your life, all you have to do is start forming it ... today: you decide.

CHANGE YOUR LIFE with 10 Habits

Yes but… what habits should I form?

Here you are 10 good habits to start change your life… One day at a time. ;-)

  1. Get up between 5 and 6 in the morning. “If you can't get up an hour earlier in the morning, how do you think you can reach your goals ?!”. With this quote, he reminded me how important it is to be an early riser. The habit of getting up early in the morning has countless advantages: you will be more motivated, you will "create" the time necessary to reach your goals and you will have a moment free of distractions and urgencies.
  2. Take 5 minutes to say "thank you". Yes yes, I know: words like "thank you" or "gratitude" are a lot of peace-and-love-brother, but you don't have to take my word for it, just try to think for 5 minutes a day about the things you are thankful for: the effects benefits will surprise you. Have you nothing to be grateful for? Try making a list of the things you already have and would want if you miss them. ;-)
  3. Take another 5 minutes to think about your goals. I have always thought that to achieve any goal you need 2 fundamental ingredients: focus and action. Viewing your goals on a daily basis will certainly not allow you to reach them, but it will remind you that today you have the opportunity to take a step forward to get closer to your goals.
  4. Run for 30 minutes. Starting the day running for myself and not for others was a small revolution in my daily routine. Here are just some of the benefits of this habit: greater ability to concentrate, motivation to the stars, better quality of sleep, a widespread sense of well-being, greater creativity. Exercising daily also allows you to defeat a sedentary lifestyle: one of the silent killers of our health.
  5. Complete 3 important activities before 11am. What goals could you achieve if you were able to complete 3 important tasks each day? Getting into the habit of doing 3 activities that are important to you before 11 am will allow you to increase your productivity and… to realize a few more dreams.
  6. Eat 3 healthy meals. You are what you eat. No, don't worry, I'm not one of those types of ultra-healthy cuisine: I love the pleasures of the table and good food. But I think nutrition education is a real life-saving habit. Running out of culinary ideas? Try these healthy recipes suggested by the Cancer Institute of Milan.
  7. Record expenses over € 10. Do you want to make money? Learn to save. By recording your expenses, you will be aware of your financial flows, and you will learn to pay yourself before anything else. I know that the habit of saving has little charm: we would all like to make quick and easy money, yet to build a capital the first step is to save: if at 18 I had started saving € 200 a month, reinvesting it with a yield of 2 % monthly, do you know what your capital would be at 37? €1.019.059 (Can't believe it ?! Find the spreadsheet with all the details by clicking here). It costs nothing to try, if it goes wrong you become a millionaire at 38! ;-)
  8. Describe your day in 5 lines. Having a diary is an extraordinary habit. Writing your thoughts, ideas, problems, results every day has countless benefits: writing helps you free your mind, rereading what you write helps you understand what went wrong and what worked in the past, write about your goals and progress gives you motivation and focus. For my diary, I use Notion, trying to never write more than 5 lines: the effort of synthesis helps me to clarify.
  9. Spend 1 hour on yourself. To give your best you need to be able to recharge daily. Many aspects of our life have the rhythm of our breathing: there is a time to exhale (work, give to others, train, engage) and there is a time to inhale (rest, cool down, take care of yourself). After a busy day at work, it's time to breathe in, dedicating 1 hour to yourself: to think, to dedicate yourself to your hobby, to have fun. There is no better habit to find daily happiness.
  10. Read 30 minutes before falling asleep. I always thought that reading was synonymous with growing up. Reading allows you to gain new knowledge, train your mind and improve your written and spoken communication. With 30 minutes a day, you could read 20-30 books a year. Using speed reading techniques you could reach even more than 100. What would your life be like if you were able to apply even just 1 idea to each book you read in your daily life?

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