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    Changing your life: 7 ideas to change your life

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    Change your life not with a lucky action but with 7 concrete ideas to put into practice immediately.

    Sometimes it is necessary to decide between one thing you are used to and another that we would like to know.

    Paulo Coelho

    At some point in our existence it can happen to being in a place where we never wanted to be.

    We discover in our hand one or more things that we do not like: our work, our relationships or perhaps ourselves.

    In this situation there is only one thing we are sure of: we want to change our life.

    If you have become aware of this fact but are still waiting to win the lottery to change your life, perhaps you should focus on something different.

    Something concrete.

    In fact, to transform your life, you don't necessarily need to win a large sum of money.

    Change must start with the little things that have a significant impact over time.

    It will not be the coup in the Lotto or a sudden truth to transform your life, if you are not ready inside you, not even these extraordinary events will be useful to you.

    If you really want to change your life you must first of all change in your head and activate habits that support your new mental attitude, just as I explain on the web to change your life.

    You need to start from the things you do more frequently and consistently.

    Change your life? Not without commitment

    Before seeing the 7 actions to start changing your life we ​​must be aware that if we do not put ourselves in the forefront to change, no one else will.

    The life we ​​own is our responsibility.

    We can not expect the prince charming, the stroke of luck or the super hero of the moment.

    If we really want a new life we ​​must commit ourselves to change our habits and our beliefs, without waiting for external upheavals that will never come.

    Your life will not change by running away from problems

    Many people believe that they can only change their lives thanks to an exotic trip.

    Let me tell you that's not the case.

    We can certainly escape our problems by imagining traveling far and leaving everything behind, but sooner or later those problems will catch up with us.

    Any change must first of all take place within us, the transformation will then manifest itself externally as well.

    Having understood this, let's see 7 concrete ideas to change our life starting from ourselves.

    7 ideas to change your life without money

    1. Use the sacred hour technique. The first useful step in order to transform our life is to establish the habit of the sacred hour. The concept of a sacred hour is as simple as it is ingenious. It is about dedicating the first hour of your day entirely to yourself and your personal well-being. If you have the first hour of the morning, all you have to do is use it for yourself or for your project, otherwise if you can you can try to wake up an hour earlier. In your sacred hour, do what makes you feel good, dedicate it to having a good breakfast, perhaps accompanied by 20 minutes of meditation and some physical activity. Instead, avoid reading emails or checking your smartphone notifications. The sacred hour is completely yours and will truly allow you to transform your life. If you have a specific goal that has the potential to change your life, take this time to accomplish it.
    2. Change your skills. Investing in yourself is a very effective strategy for changing your job or life. Investing in yourself means spending more money on your personal and professional growth than on your next haircut. Learn a new skill or lead to excellence something you already know how to do well and are recognized for. When I write about learning something, I am not referring to some abstract skill, but to a practical, concrete, manual skill, of which you can visualize tangible results, such as playing an instrument or playing basketball. Identify your greatest passions, not only what you like to do, but also those activities that you would not be able to do without or that you would pay for in order to do. Once found, pursue excellence in these fields. Excellence is one of the keys to transforming your life for the better. If you have understood the importance of investing in your potential, read the article where I explain how to invest in yourself.
    3. Don't put off your happiness until tomorrow. When we postpone choices that could change our lives to tomorrow, Monday or the first of the month, we are postponing our existence. Stopping postponing to an indefinite tomorrow is the best way to change the page. Start with the small actions that you continue to procrastinate, it takes very little to not postpone your well-being until tomorrow. Often it is not other people that are confusing, but ourselves with our inability to make decisions or worse, not finding our way into the future. Spend a few minutes defining your dream and turning it into a clear and achievable goal, the more precise you are, the less tempted you will be to procrastinate. Postponing until tomorrow often means imagining that we are happy when a certain event happens, when there is a politician in the government that we like or when we find the right person. However, things are not like this. Allow yourself to be happy now, by changing your mindset, you will also change your life. If you want to be happy immediately I suggest you read the article: how to be happy.
    4. Change your life by rediscovering the little follies. Small everyday pleasures are the basis of happiness for all people in the world. Exercise twice a week, enjoy a good breakfast, smile for no reason. Changing your life with small actions is possible. For this purpose you can also try to dedicate 30 minutes a week to meditation and another 30 to a pleasant walk in the park or in a real nature reserve. Every now and then you do some little madness, like dancing in the incessant rain or stopping in the middle of nature to appreciate its silence. Take the pressure off your day and eliminate the superfluous that doesn't make you happy. The trick is not to limit ourselves to seeking new distant stimuli, but to better savor the small events that make us happy every day.
    5. Let go of a bad habit. Habits can be a double-edged sword. The good ones are a powerful ally for changing your life and heading on the right path. Bad habits, on the other hand, are harmful and take us away from our concept of ideal life. Try starting with a bad habit that you feel is easy to eradicate, if you feel like it you can try to quit smoking, otherwise start with something simpler, like quitting nail biting or eating too fast. Each harmful habit you lose increases the quality of your life. If, on the other hand, you want to try to stop smoking, take a look at the article where I'll explain how to quit smoking.
    6. Eliminate unhealthy food. To change your life, you also need to improve your diet. I have already told you about the foods to avoid, but it is difficult to exclude many common dishes from our table, for this reason, my advice is to get rid of only one dish that you consider unhealthy. Create a written record of what you would like to eat in the future and what you would like to permanently delete. Nutrition is not a simple subject, if you have any doubts, rely on a professional in the sector. Speaking of nutrition, if you've finally decided to get back in shape, don't miss the article dedicated to how to lose weight.
    7. Reading changes your mind and your life. Reading is useful for changing your life and transforming it one step at a time. If you are already a reader try to increase the number of annual texts even by one unit, if instead you read little or worse never, start right now. If you do not feel any stimulus, perhaps it is only because you have never found a book suitable for you or because you are no longer used to reading. Don't throw in the towel and keep browsing genres to find yours. On Personal Growth Lovers, I have compiled a list of the best books to change your life, but also of stimulating and rewarding texts to read, which once finished leave you with the feeling of having enriched yourself. If you're having a hard time finding time to read just one book a month, you might want to start a media diet.

    Your first chapter to really change your life

    As you have seen, to change your life you must first of all change yourself.

    You can therefore choose whether to act on yourself, where you have complete control, or you can hope for a change from the outside that you already know inside. it will never arrive.

    I know that hoping for a better future or expecting a substantial inheritance from a hypothetical American uncle is much easier.

    But to truly see ourselves as happy, fulfilled, and better people, you need to make an effort every day.

    Now it's your turn, it's time to take your step to give birth to your new life, perhaps sharing your choice in the comments.

    But if you want to do more, discover my manual to change your life.

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