What it means to be a mother

What it means to be a mother

What it means to be a mother

Last update: February 19, 2022

You will teach to fly, but they will not fly your flight.
You will teach to dream, but they will not dream of your dream.
You will teach to Live, but they will not live Your Life.
But in every Flight, in every Dream and in every Life,
it will remain forever the imprint of the teaching received.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Being a mother doesn't just mean changing diapers, heating baby bottles or arguing with baby food. That's just the beginning, it's just the moment a mother realizes she can do anything for that world she gave her life to. That world is her child, in which she has placed millions of expectations.

Being a mother means changing your life, your time and your way of thinking for your children. It means giving all your heart and all your strength every day to keep your children going and teaching them to live.

It means having a reason for being for the rest of your life. Wanting to enjoy and live every moment to the fullest. Experiencing mixed feelings seeing children grow up, feeling pride and nostalgia as they move forward, with huge strides, in life.

If there is a love that can be called true, it is the sincere love of a mother, an eternal and infinite love. In reality, being a mother implies following in the footsteps of our little teachers, the children, until they grow up; only by existing and without knowing it, children teach mothers to love unconditionally.

Being a mother means never being alone to yourself, because a mother always thinks for two: for her children and for her. A mother feels tremendously lucky because she knows her children are the greatest treasure he could have had. 

Being a mother does not always mean smiling, but also crying, a lot. She requires many sleepless nights hugging the pillow. It means having a lot of worries; hours to devote to their children; days, months, years spent inventing a thousand ways to disguise vegetables and fish; endure quarrels and tolerate with all the patience in the world the infinity of meaningless things to which life subjects us.


What a mother does for her children

It hurts a mother to say NO to her children, scold them, spank them, see them fall, see them abandon their dreams or diminish their abilities. However, he knows the importance of limits and expects his children to learn it.

A mother he cannot live for his children, but tries to share everything with them. For this reason, a mother tries every day to sew huge and light wings that allow her children to fly very high.

A mother wants everything in life to be okay for her children, but she also wants them to learn to overcome storms and sail offshore.

They know their children's faults better than anyone else, but they accept them and never hide them. They know if their children are sick just by looking at them, because mothers are expert fortune tellers of emotions.

They live their sins with extreme terror, because feeling responsible and guilty of the problems of the people who love each other most in this world is tremendously painful. This is why a mother puts the weight of everyone on her shoulders. Perhaps this is a heroic act, but above all a generous one. 

Probably sacrificing their goals, their aspirations or their life for their children does not make them courageous mothers, but more tenacious and more generous people.

The nights when their children wake up with a fever, face the world and overcome all fears, carry on their children and protect them from everything ... this is what makes a mother the best example of valor and love. 

Because mothers are the strongest people in the world, because their weakness is their strong point and this will always be love for those who turn on their hearts and their will to live every day.

Main image courtesy of Analia Heredia Celayes and internal image by Carla Pott (Mom, what color are the kisses?)

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