The bad mood turns against us

The bad mood turns against us

The bad mood turns against us

Last update: 04 September, 2017

We tend to imitate the way we are treated, which is due to mirror neurons, which incite us to act as others behave towards us. These famous and interesting neurons are responsible for the contagious yawn, the smile in response to another that is given to us or the bad mood when dealing with an angry person.

All the insults and rants that come out of our mouth, therefore, end up haunting us altering our personal and emotional balance. Being in a bad mood is like clashing with yourself, with others and with the circumstances you are experiencing.

One of the reasons that are contemplated to explain why some people are constantly in a bad mood, even though life has given them luck, is their ego too big. Little or nothing suits them, they think that reality is trying to ensure that their expectations do not materialize, hence their constant bad mood. In this sense, a troubled mood is a state of mind that makes us small and, at the same time, slaves.

"Ignorance and error are a source of discontent"

-Barone d’Holbach-

What is the bad mood due to?

Any circumstance can trigger the bad mood. Bad mood is a state of mind that arises due to many factors. Some experts, for example, argue that unfulfilled expectations make us more likely to have troubled thoughts, which make us be in a bad mood.

Tal Ben Shadar, professor of Positive Psychology at Harvard University, assures that getting angry has its function, it's like a valve that relieves pressure when it opens that the person undergoes in a particular circumstance. If you are fired, it may be more productive for yourself to accept the anger that occurs in this situation than to deny it.

Anger, in this sense, can make us understand that we have been the victim of an injustice and fill us with energy to make a claim. It can also make us prisoners of resentment. It will all depend on how we handle the emotion.

The moodiness can also be explained, clearly in the absence of neurological disorders, as a state of mind in which a denial of reality usually occurs.. People who are always in a bad mood are rarely aware of what they have. Their unbalanced expectations cause them great frustration, which results in anger and bad mood, leading them to see the situation worse than it really is.

“Bitterness and pride are twin brothers; bad temper and irascibility are their inseparable companions "

-Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Bad mood attacks the body and mind

Being constantly in a bad mood causes us psychological malaise and emotional strain that attacks the immune system. It increases the risk of suffering from cardiovascular problems and is a bad habit for lung function, according to a study from Harvard University.

The person with a bad mood experiences feelings of short temper, anger and anger. She focuses her attention on the external obstacles that prevent her from achieving her goals, making them responsible for her frustration. The bad mood also forces us to act physically or verbally in an intense and immediate way.

On a physiological level, this state of mind activates the nervous system, increases heart rate and blood pressure, and sometimes reduces blood volume and peripheral temperature. It also increases muscle tension and adrenaline secretion, preparing the body for intense efforts.

Following the growing scientific evidence on the negative impact of bad mood on the body, it's best to count to ten before losing control. Don't you think?

"We must interpret the mood as a sign of insecurity and lack of self-esteem"

-Alfred Adler-

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