Phrases about Hope, to never fall into darkness

Phrases about Hope, to never fall into darkness

In this period more than ever (the article was written during Covid-19) we need hope, positive perspectives and opportunities. In order not to fall into despair, we have decided to put together this collection of phrases, aphorisms, and quotes about hope. Enjoy the reading!

Phrases, Aphorisms, Quotations and Reflections on Hope

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Phrases about Hope: from 1 to 20

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if someone remembers to turn on the light. ~ JK Rowling

To get to dawn there is no other way than the night. ~ Khalil Gibran

The darkest hour is the one before dawn. ~ Paulo Coelho

Every time a man defends an ideal, acts to improve the destiny of others or fights against injustice, he sends out a small wave of hope. ~ Bobby Kennedy

Hope has two beautiful children: indignation and courage. Disdain for the reality of things; the courage to change them. ~ St. Augustine

Apart from the mercy of God there is no other source of hope for the human being. ~ Pope Juan Pablo II

When hope leads us down the wrong path, disappointment takes over to point us in the right direction. ~ Emmanuela Breda

Hope is the last to die, because we die first. ~ Emmanuela Breda

One of the most powerful reasons that leads men to art and science is the flight from everyday life with its painful crudeness and gloomy despair, from the slavery of its ever-changing desires. ~ Albert Einstein

When all is lost, all is possible. ~ Robert Inma

Nothing will stop the sun from rising again, not even on the darkest night. Because beyond the black curtain of the night a dawn awaits us. ~ Khalil Gibran

Don't consult with your fears, but with your hopes and dreams. Do not think about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Don't worry about what you have tried and failed, but about what you can still do. ~ Pope John XXIII

It will never be too late to search for a new and better world, if we put courage and hope in our commitment. ~ Lord Alfred Tennyson

There is no night long enough for the Sun not to rise again the next day. ~ Jim Morrison

Disappointment overwhelms the hopes of those who cannot react, as the rough sea overwhelms those who cannot swim. ~ Emmanuela Breda

Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free. ~ from the movie Wings of Liberty

Even if fear will have more and more arguments, you choose hope. ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Hope has two beautiful children: indignation and courage. Disdain for the reality of things, the courage to change them. ~ St. Augustine

Without hope it is impossible to find the unexpected. ~ Heraclitus

Hope sees the invisible touches the intangible and reaches the impossible. ~ Authorless

Phrases about Hope: from 21 to 40

Hope is a risk that must be taken. It is even the risk of risks. ~ Georges Bernanos

Hope always precedes you and opens all doors for you, especially those of the rooms in which your life has been trapped. ~ Don Tonio

I can't lose the only thing that keeps me alive: hope. ~ Paulo Coelho

I was hoping... Man is a poor and miserable creature! What have I waited for! I don't know, something unknown, absurd, meaningless... a prodigy! And what? Only God can say it, who has mixed the feeling of hope with our reason. ~ Father Alexandre Dumas

Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow. [Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow.] In any case, hope leads further than fear. ~ Ernst young

Most of the great things in the world were accomplished by people who kept trying when it seemed hopeless. ~ Dale Carnegie

As bad as life seems, there is always something you can do to succeed. While there is life there is hope. ~ Stephen Hawking

There are two enduring things we can pass on to our children: roots and wings. ~ Guillermo Hodding Carter II

A winner is simply a dreamer who has not given up. ~ Nelson Mandela

The hope. The quintessential human deception is both the source of his greatest strength and his greatest weakness. ~ From the movie The Matrix Reloaded

Hope is like a path in the field: there has never been a path, but when many people walk on it, the path takes shape. ~ yutang lin

When the world says, "Give up," hope whispers, "Try one more time." ~ Authorless

Heart, there will come a time when you will compensate for this emptiness, and young words will sink into you and caresses will make nests and hopes will plant new seeds. And your heartbeat will once again be powerful and shared. ~ fabrizio caramagna

If the morning does not reveal new joys to us, and if we do not cultivate the hope of the night, what is the use of dressing and undressing? ~ Goethe

As children, the "perhaps" has the figure of Hope. When we grow up we disfigure it as a synonym for "no". ~ Don Dino Pirri

Fables don't tell children that dragons exist, children already know they exist, fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed. ~ Chesterton

Hope gives life, but as on a tightrope. ~ Paul Valéry

Ah, how beautiful it is when hopes blossom! Until the season of “gardeners” arrives. ~ Mieczysław Kozłowski

Hope, however deceitful it may be, at least serves to lead us to death on a pleasant path. ~ François de La Rochefoucauld

Our hopes are the children. Through a hole in the wall we see them playing in a secret garden and they can't see us. If they came to us, who knows what they would think of our fears. ~ fabrizio caramagna

Phrases about Hope: from 41 to 60

Who knows if it hurts more to stop waiting or hoping to stop. ~ suonalanc0ra, Twitter

The human soul is always deluded in its hopes, and always deceitful: always disappointed by hope itself, and always capable of being so: not only open, but possessed by hope in the very act of ultimate despair. ~ Giacomo Leopardi

Hope is the only universal liar that never loses its reputation for being truthful. ~ Roberto G. Ingersoll

Things you don't expect happen more often than things you expect. ~ Titus Maccio Plautus

Hope: it is truly the worst of evils, because it prolongs the sufferings of men. ~ Federico Nietzsche

The bridge between despair and hope is a good dream. ~ Authorless

Hope is tomorrow's paint on today's disappointment. ~ Evan Esar

The hopes: like greyhounds that run at a race and then calm down along the way, taking on the same color as the dust that remains on the road. ~ fabrizio caramagna

Being young means keeping the porthole of hope open, even when the sea is rough and the sky is tired of being blue. ~ Bob Dylan

There is something inside you that no one can touch or take away from you if you don't want to. It's called hope! ~ From the movie Wings of Liberty.

Hope also takes root in the rock. ~ Jozef Bulatowicz

What I hope for is higher hope~ James Richardson

Hope ceases to be joy when it is accompanied by impatience. ~ John Ruskin

Hope is a waking dream. ~ Aristotle

Hope is a loan made to happiness. ~ Antonio Rivarol

Hope itself is a kind of happiness and, perhaps, the main happiness that this world offers; but, like all other over-appreciated pleasures, too much hope is offset by pain. ~ Samuel Johnson

Hope is the only bee that produces honey without flowers. ~ Roberto Ingersoll

Hope is good for breakfast, but it's a bad dinner. ~ Francis Bacon

Our hopes make us happy, until they come true. ~ Pablo Ree

The flower is happier than the fruit: hope is happier and more spiritual than enjoyment. ~ Nicholas Tommaseo

Phrases about Hope: from 61 to 80

Hope is more victim than cunning. ~ Vauvenargues

Hope is independent of the apparatus of logic. ~ Norman cousins

Reasonableness can be madness, and the craziest thing of all is to see life as it is and not as it should be. ~ Don Quixote

Only those who no longer have hope are given hope. ~ Walter Benjamin

They laughed at Edison, they laughed at Fulton, and they will laugh at any desperate fool~ Aaron Haspel

There is no medicine like hope, no incentive as great, no tonic as powerful as waiting for something to happen tomorrow. ~ Orison Swett Marden

Hell is the state of those who have given up hope. ~ Cronin too

Hope is the feeling we have that the feeling we have is not permanent. ~ Cute McLaughlin

Hope is a kind of infantile scarlet fever that we carry with us all our lives. ~ Gesualdo Bufalino

The road built with hope is more pleasant for the traveler than the road built with despair, even though both lead to the same destination. ~ marian zimmer bradley

Eternal hope always springs up like a poisonous mushroom. ~ Charles Bukowski

No matter how disenchanted we are, it is impossible for us to live without any hope. We always have one, without our knowledge, and that unconscious hope compensates for all the other explicit ones that we have rejected or exhausted. ~ EM Cioran

Hope sees the weak point in things. ~ Paul Valéry

Until the day God deigns to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom will consist of these two words: wait and wait! ~ Father Alexandre Dumas

A whole mountain of memories will never equal a little hope. ~ Snoopy, en Charles M. Schulz

Feel hope, I don't know who has lost you, I already have my problems and I can't follow you, and so I live in regret, I'm nostalgic for lost things, but maybe I've already seen you somewhere, I just imagined you with those eyes and that bright smile, come here and tell me how you are. ~ fabrizio caramagna

Only those who love without hope know true love. ~ Pablo Neruda

When hope is hungry, it feeds everything. ~ Cute McLaughlin

Hope puts faith to work when doubt would be easier. ~ Authorless

Hope is the normal form of deception. ~ EM Cioran

Phrases about Hope: from 81 to 100

Hope belongs to life, it is life itself that defends itself. ~ Julio Cortazar

Hope is the morphine of life. ~ luis dumur

I never liked to hope. Especially since I found out that "I hope" is the anagram for "lost." ~ eloisa_pi, Twitter

Wait only in certainties; it is safer. ~ Carlos Gragnani

The essence of hope is that the Will compels its own servant, the intellect, when it cannot procure for it the desired object, to provide it with at least the image of it, to assume in general the role of comforter and comforter. to calm his master. , just as the nurse soothes the child with stories adjusted so that they acquire a certain semblance of truth. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

Hope is the greatest falsifier of truth. ~ Baltasar Gracian

Hope is nothing more than a charlatan who relentlessly deceives us. ~ Nicolas de Chamfort

We are and will continue to be slaves until we are cured of the mania of hope. ~ EM Cioran

Hope is the real culprit of frustrations. It must be stifled in the bud. ~ Alejandro Morandotti

He who lives in hope dies fasting. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Waiting is the hardest. The easiest thing is to despair, and that is the great temptation. ~ Charles Peguy

It is not the end of joy that makes old age so sad, but the end of hope. ~ Juan Pablo

The heart dies a slow death. Losing all hope like leaves. Until one day there is no more. Hopeless. Nothing remains. ~ ziyi zhang

With the wind sailed my hope; forgiven at sea, dead in port. ~ Lope de Vega

Hope is an indiscreet hindrance that cannot be freed, it is a quarrelsome friend who always has reason on his side, it is a cunning traitor more persevering even than honesty. ~ Sören Kierkegaard

I can bear my despair, but not the hope of others. ~ Robert Walpole

If there is a sin against life, perhaps it is not so much despairing of it as hoping for another life and escaping its relentless grandeur. ~ Albert Camus

Hope, contrary to popular belief, equals resignation. And living is not resigning. ~ Albert Camus

Even without hope, the fight is still a hope. ~ Romain Rolland

In life sometimes it is necessary to know how to fight not only without fear, but also without hope. ~ Sandro Pertini

Phrases about Hope: from 101 to 120

And then I found myself there, lost in oblivion... silent... dark... complete... found freedom... losing all hope was freedom. ~ From the movie Fight Club

At some point in life, hope is not the last thing to die, but dying is the last hope. ~ Leonardo Sciascia

The hope of the unhappy is always reborn. ~ Ignazio silone

As long as I breathe, I wait. ~ Marco Tullio Cicero

The three great essentials for happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. ~ Joseph Addison

There is no hope without fear and there is no fear without hope. ~ Baruch spinoza

Hope is chronic. Fear is acute. ~ best fernandes

We live in the hope of becoming a memory. ~ Antonio Porchia

Hope rises like a phoenix from the ashes of broken dreams. ~ and sachs

Where there is no hope, there is also no life. ~ Yoshimoto Banana

Even if I have helped one person to have hope, I will not have lived in vain. ~ Martin Luther King

Despite everything, I still believe that people are really good in their hearts. I just can't build my hopes on a foundation of confusion, unhappiness, and death. ~ Anne Frank

When you say that a situation or a person is hopeless, you are closing the door in God's face. ~ Charles L Allen

Don't deprive anyone of hope, it may be all they have. ~ Authorless

Hope is the word that God has written on the forehead of every man. ~ Victor Hugo

The very existence of libraries is the best proof that we can still hope for the future of man ~ T. S. Eliot

If you think you can't hope in yourself, go to despair. ~ arthur graph

Do those who always hope or those who never expected anything suffer more? ~ Pablo Neruda

To be happy, remove the words "if only" and replace them with the words "next time." ~ grinning blanton

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