Manifestations of envy

Manifestations of envy

Manifestations of envy

Last update: April 07, 2020

Envy is not a feeling, but an unhealthy passion. However, there is no living person who has not experienced it in their life, it is part of our human reality. The problem occurs when people allow themselves to be invaded by this passion and succumb to it. It is then that this feeling manifests itself in different ways, all of which are harmful. We invite you to discover the numerous manifestations of envy.

It is a passion that is difficult to bear, and it affects those who feel it more than those who awaken it. It comes in many forms, some of which are difficult to recognize. Sometimes it hides behind attitudes that at first glance seem linked to good intentions.

"Nobody is great to be envied, countless are to be pitied a lot."

–Arthur Schopenhauer-

One of the goals we should all set ourselves in life is to learn to process and dilute envy when it arises. To do this, you must first recognize it. Here are some of the manifestations of envy that may go unnoticed at first glance.

5 manifestations of envy

1. The sarcastic comment

Sarcastic commentary is one of the most common manifestations of envy. Sarcasm is defined as a kind of joke in which one says one thing, meaning, however, the opposite or in any case something different. Two-way messages. Words say one thing, their meaning suggests another.

The most common form of sarcasm is that which combines an aggressive message with a friendly one. Like when someone says: "What a beautiful dress you are wearing, too bad you have gained so much weight" or phrases such as: "You did a great job, even if there were many mistakes". In the end, the offense prevails. An offense dictated by envy.

2. Shoot at zero

Typical of those people who don't use filters when they have to share a message. Often they put off some rudeness or some real ruthless criticisms for sincere sincerity, launched without regard, as if they felt entitled to do so.

They are those people who say: "What an idiot you have been!" or "You have very bad teeth". They share their opinion without anyone asking them, plus it doesn't bring anything useful or new to the situation. For this reason this attitude can be considered one of the manifestations of envy.

3. Gentle sadism

In general, "gentle sadists" are very pleasant people who they are attentive and affable, but in reality they act with the aim of hindering the plans of others or putting obstacles in the way towards the goals that others set themselves. In their defense, however, they usually claim that they did not do it intentionally.

These are cases in which, for example, ask an important favor from a person and he / she, after having promised it, "forgets" about it. After that, he apologizes and tries to convince you that his intentions were good and that he didn't want to harm you. Another example is people who unwittingly stain your dress or ignore you when making an important decision, even if it concerns you.

4. Petty solidarity

This is one of the most frequent manifestations of envy and one that tends to hurt the most. These people's favorite phrase is "I'm just trying to help you," e it corresponds to those who interfere, who seek to discover the intimate facts or personal matters of others.

They are twisted people. With the information they get, they plot plots that can lead to a lot of confusion. I am always at the mercy of the life of others, they give advice without being consulted, alert people to their possible enemies and end up generating involuntary malaise. They are moved by a strong envy.

5. He who compares himself and wins

This is one of the manifestations of the envy of self-centered people who they tend to constantly compare themselves to others, trying in some way to always come out as “winners”. In other words, they need to feel superior in contrast to everyone else.

For them, it is easy to focus on clothes, cars, partners, studies, in short, everything about others. And then, when you least expect it, they launch a comment aimed at ridiculing what is yours to exalt their own. They say things like, “I heard you had a problem with your boyfriend. It's a shame. I never have problems with mine ".

All the listed manifestations of envy are also expressions of insecurity. They occur when a person is unable to see himself with his own eyes, finding himself having to look at himself through comparisons with others. The goals and satisfactions of others remind her of her own gaps and dissatisfactions. This makes her suffer a lot. To help these people, we must first of all learn to understand their suffering.

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