How to practice swinging: 5 tips

How to practice swinging: 5 tips

The exchange of partners is a practice that can generate very strong emotions and strengthen the bond of a couple, as long as it is practiced correctly.

Tips to correctly practice the exchange of partners

For most couples, monogamy is the only option when it comes to having sex. Nevertheless, not all couples want to stay in a closed relationship until the end of their days. Some couples try to strengthen their sex life by involving other couples and this is basically known as "Partner swapping" or "swingers".

Before you give up the comfort of having only one sexual partner, know that there are rules, limits and expectations to keep in mind. The transition from monogamy to polygamy can be easy if you understand what we are talking about.

What is swinging?

The term "swinging" was translated directly from the English "swinging" and is a word used to define a sexual practice that occurs between couples. It consists of exchanging a partner, precisely: more precisely, one couple makes arrangements with another to have sexual encounters.

This encounter can take place at a party, in a disco or casually, like any other sexual encounter.

The scambisti it is the people who adopt this lifestyle. They allow their partners to have sex with other people. Some actively participate, others just like to watch.

For this you need to achieve a high level of trust, establishing what you are going to do. And remember this maxim, which is a bit like the cornerstone of swing:

The emotional bond between the two partners should not interfere with the exchange of partners.

How to enter the world of swingers?

talk to your partner

The first step you must take to enter the world of swinging is to talk to your partner to see if theyAnd it's something they both want. It's important not to rush, especially if your sexual boundaries are unclear.

You can do a first test by answering these questions. Do you enjoy watching porn together? Do you like to talk about your fantasies? Do the same things turn you on? Is there jealousy of one and the other?


This involves having an idea of ​​expectations and possible drawbacks.

Many couples are mistaken in thinking that they can have sex with several people at the same time. Swinging is all about consensual fun, either to improve your relationship or if it's just for pleasure.

The more stable the relationship between two people, the more pleasant the experience of the exchange of couples will be.

set some rules

Some rules are necessary to feel comfortable in the new environment. The limits you establish with your partner can change once you have gained some experience.

To give an idea, among the most common rules in the world of swingers we have:

  • Il consent on the part of both is essential.
  • You don't have to develop a emotional link with members of the other couple.
  • Everything happens in the presence of the couple.
  • The use of condoms is mandatory.

Look on the Internet

There are many sites that help people find the perfect relationship, an example is Take advantage of this site to trade opinions, experiences and expectations with other swingers.

You will be able to read user comments and understand how many couples entered the world of swing. By doing this, you will have a clearer idea of ​​what to expect when entering this environment.

Expectations vs Reality when swinging

Perhaps what drives you to want to swing is the idea of ​​having relationships with attractive people like catwalk models, which is not exactly true.

If you think that you first swinger meeting will take place in a villa with Swarovski chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, you better do yourself a favor and pass it up. In addition, the probability that swingers clubs are filled with people like your neighbor is very high.

Don't even think that the exchange is going to be an orgy. Another of the golden rules in a swinger club is that NO is NO, and you don't insist. Bottom line: If someone wants to have sex with you but you don't want to, know that that person will find out after the first no.

In conclusion

can't deny that it's exciting to see others having sex. Seeing couples, attending a threesome or whatever, deciding to join or be invited is great. Even just looking at it is still exciting.

We live in a society that judges according to a false morality. Remember: you can do what you want and you like as long as you respect others. Explore your sexuality without making too much trouble, try to understand what you feel comfortable with.

The swinger lifestyle is not for everyone and the truth is that it has not yet overcome the barriers of social acceptance. Attempt trusting your relationship and your partner, only then can you expand your sexual boundaries.

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