Invictus: a hymn to improvement and friendship

Invictus: a hymn to improvement and friendship

Invictus: a hymn to improvement and friendship

Last update: 10 September, 2022

Invictus is a wonderful film directed by Clint Eastwood and based on John Carlin's book Playing the Enemy: Nelson Mandela and the Game That Changed a Nation. It deals with the friendship that arises between the then recently elected Nelson Mandela and the captain of the Springboks, François Pienaar, played respectively by Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon.

However, we do not intend to give you the technical details of this fantastic film. Rather, we will focus on values ​​of friendship and the improvement it inspires.

"The greatest glory is not in not falling, but in always getting up again."

-Nelson Mandela-

What is Invictus about?

After being released from prison, Nelson Mandela comes to the presidency of a divided country facing hatred and racism caused by segregation and apartheid.

In any case, the ingenious activist finds a way to unite his nation. He does nothing but find a commonality in the passion of South Africans for rugby, making the Springboks, the national selection, a meeting point.

However, the Springboks are having a hard time in their history. Despite being one of the strongest and most important national teams in the world, their game has deteriorated and they suffer constant defeats.

Eventually, Mandela manages to establish a dialogue with François Pienaar, captain of the National Rugby Selection of South Africa. From there a friendship will be born that will continue until the president's death and that will allow the Springboks to become world champions, uniting a whole nation.

Friendship can do anything

Friendship is a feeling of trust and affection between people. This is exactly what is born when Nelson Mandela and François Pienaar make their acquaintance. Despite the initial reluctance of the white-skinned captain, the president's insistence on forgiveness and unification and his incitement to leave hatred and racism behind allow for the emergence of a beautiful relationship that will eventually become an example.

This proof of friendship and affection born between Mandela and Pienaar not only helps to reduce hatred and aversion in South Africa, but also in the rest of the world. When two people want with all their might to join in a circle of affection, solidarity and mutual support, there is nothing that can separate them.

The improvement of people

The existence of a bond between people makes us much stronger. Knowing that you have a friend, partner or brother at your side gives you enormous energy, which gives you more strength to move forward and not give up.

In this case, thanks to the support and friendship of Mandela, François Pienaar manages to strengthen and stimulate dull Springboks capable only of losing games, to the desperation of the whites and the happiness of the South African blacks.

However, with his cunning and his strong desire for progress and improvement, for union and forgiveness, Mandela pays off a friendship between two people is the tool to bring a whole country together in a long embrace, in which neither the condition nor the color of the skin of those at your side are important.

In the end, what remains are the people, their friendship and solidarity. Mandela's support for Pienaar gives the latter the strength to transmit to the rest of the team. The Springboks will then communicate this energy to a whole rugby-loving country, which will explode with joy and pleasure when they win victory thanks to the joint effort of millions of people who support and understand each other.

Unity is strength

The most important lesson that Invictus leaves us is that the union and friendship between two individuals can exert enormous force on thousands of people able to change, support each other, forget grudges and arguments, looking all in the same direction, as a whole, to obtain strength and, finally, victory.

We must not forget that together we are stronger and better. This is the great lesson offered by Invictus. Friendship and solidarity allow us to leave hatred and loneliness behind. Only in this way are great victories born.

"After having climbed a large hill, you only understand that you have to climb many more."

-Nelson Mandela-

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