A new beginning

A new beginning

I confess that I can't wait for the clock hands to scroll forward and we can finally turn the calendar a few months. I really want to put the dross of these days behind me and resume spinning freely. All for a new beginning.

Before the world paused, I was grinding kilometers after kilometers every month and never thought that I could miss the road, the landscapes, the change in weather and temperature in a single morning. Which are the little things that offer us a simpler and deeper meaning: they lift the spirit and sometimes take the breath away. 

Today we are asked to socially distance ourselves from our neighbors for very good reasons: to slow down the pandemic so that the health system can catch up. As scary as this is, it's always there a positive side.

This is a fantastic opportunity to take care of yourself and reflect.

Interact with yourself and with the people closest to you on a deep level. Seek understanding, feel gratitude in everyday things. Smile even under that mask, talk to people, offer help and guidance. 

Calm your mind, thanks to meditation. I am trying even if it is not easy to have continuity but starting is already a fundamental step. If you take care of your mind, you do the same for your body. You will feel more relaxed, less stressed and more present. 

Being present leads you to focus on the essential things that lead you to positive results.

Spend your time and learn to grow: rediscover your passions, and your hobbies. Everything that happens to you is an opportunity for a new beginning.

Take your time: Accept that you only have 24 hours in a day. Do not always run and at any cost. Relax and indulge in new ideas and new thoughts.

Be grateful for everything you have in life: people but also things. Enjoy what you own, donate or sell the things you hardly or never use to free up physical and mental space for your happiness and gratitude. Less is more.

Good life

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