Narcissistic man: characteristics and behavior in love

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What are the characteristics of a narcissistic man? How does a narcissist behave in love? Today we will provide you with comprehensive answers to these questions, specifically listing every aspect of the narcissistic man's personality.

The first thing to know is that the narcissistic man has a number of character traits that make him very easily recognizable. However, it is always good to remember that, especially in the first moments after meeting him, the narcissistic man he knows how to hide his attitude with skill. This is one of the main reasons that many girls fall into his trap completely unconsciously.

In addition to analyzing the character and behavior of the narcissist in love, we will also see what are the reasons that make this type of person so fascinating in the eyes of women. We will explain why, despite the many downsides that an affair with a narcissistic man brings, many women get involved in long relationships.

There will be a paragraph dedicated to how to deal with a narcissistic man and another in which we will analyze specifically the behavior of the narcissistic man in love.

We will see how to deal with a narcissist and finally we will discuss the relationship with such a man: what are his characteristics and stages. This way you will be for sure more informed on the subject and therefore less vulnerable.

If you have any doubt or fear that your partner may be a narcissist, I recommend that you take the test below: it will only take you two minutes and of course it's free. Through its outcome, you can begin to have a clearer idea of ​​your relationship and how to deal with it.

Narcissistic man: behavioral characteristics

The characteristics of a narcissistic man follow a very specific model and can be divided into 5 categories. Here they are below.

1. Megalomania

The first characteristic that outlines a narcissistic man is that of being a megalomaniac: he has the certainty of being a person superior to others and manifests it with all his behaviors. A narcissistic man will make sure to always emphasize its alleged superiority and uniqueness. He will boast and take credit for everything, because in his head he is a successful man and that is how he will present himself to others.

For this reason we can say that his self-esteem is disturbed and who is unable to accept the criticisms of others or to admit their own faults. He also claims to be treated in a special way even though he has done nothing to deserve it.

2. Lack of empathy

One of the characteristics that identify the narcissistic man is the lack of empathy. This terrible peculiarity is not so easy to spot at a first meeting, but it comes out as soon as you come into closer contact with him. And the stronger his narcissistic trait the greater this lack will be.

This sentimental neglect is reflected in his lack of understanding of your feelings: no compassion and inability to put yourself in your shoes. This empathic gap does not allow him to establish any kind of emotional bond. In addition, the narcissist hurts without understanding what he is actually doing. And even if you manage to get into a conventional relationship, you always get the impression that something is missing.

3. Arrivism

The narcissistic man uses the people around him to achieve his goals. And this happens not only in love but with all the people with whom it comes in contact. He does nothing to establish an emotional correspondence with others, but as already guessed he uses others only as pawns for his plans.

As a result, the neighbor, whether a friend or partner, will always be a subordinate figure and will do nothing to change his or her feelings in this regard. It could be called almost Machiavellian, but all his decisions are moved only by a more or less serious disturbance of his personality.

4. Tendency to manipulate others

Manipulating others is one of the main means that the narcissistic man uses to achieve his goals. One of the consequences of this tendency is to establish only toxic relationships, and not just in the love world.

The manipulations can be of different types, but almost all focus on the distortion of reality in order to ballast the other person, partner, friend or acquaintance, with feelings of guilt, in order to undermine self-esteem. If you want to deepen the subject and understand how you can cope with behavior of this kind, read this article which will surely be able to provide you with valuable advice.

5. Dishonesty

The fifth and final peculiarity that characterizes narcissistic men in love, and not only in this field, is dishonesty. Narcissistic men often turn out to be false or at least do everything to hide their identity as much as possible, coming to wear behavioral masks and radically changing, depending on the people present.

The narcissus man does not have any kind of scruple when he has decided to achieve something: whether it is the total control of the partner or the management of multiple relationships at the same time. Indeed he is also prone to betrayal and has no remorse at handling multiple victims at the same time.

Narcissus man: what makes him so fascinating?

This is a very, very important question, given that in the light of what has been said so far, how is it possible that many women allow themselves to be duped so easily and only after a certain period do they realize the person next to them?

The main reason is that the narcissistic man in love knows how to move: he manages to hide his true nature and initially appear as a real prince charming. Its strategy is based on the following characteristics and behaviors:

1. Apply love bombing, literally a bombardment of love and attention. In the very first moments of the relationship the narcissistic man seems to go crazy with love for you: support, listening and attention. He will also be inclined to tell you I love you in a very short time.

2. Get into a relationship quickly, thanks to the same love bombing, but also thanks to very specific passages. The narcissist is the kind of person who will try to get you to move into his house, and give him all your attention. He doesn't do this because he believes you are the one, but rather to try to subdue you.

3. Everyone admires him; the narcissistic man is convinced that he is a successful man and tries to show his personality and his successes in the eyes of those close to him, and usually he is capable of it. This installs in women, especially those with a weaker personality, the desire to have at their side a successful, charismatic and self-confident person like him.

4. The narcissus man in love knows how to be seductive: mystery, gallantry and sensuality in a perfect alchemy. He will make you feel like the most beautiful and desired woman in the world, and it will be easy for him to take you to bed, not disappointing the expectations, as the narcissistic man knows how to be an excellent lover, affectionate, strong and connoisseur of erotic games.

5. Has style and good looks: without making fun of himself, a well-groomed and handsome man attracts more than a scruffy man. And this the narcissist knows. In addition, he often uses expensive gadgets and clothes, displaying them in full view, but always with discretion. In this way it leverages mutual female envy: as a woman with a fragile personality will think that her man will trigger the envy of the others.

Narcissistic man: how to deal with it

The first step in defending yourself from the narcissistic man is to maintain your independence: economic, social and emotional. This will allow you to resist moral blackmail and manipulation. But above all you will not allow him to have a monopoly on your emotions and moods. You have to be very careful with this aspect of the situation because addiction, of any kind, can become a very tight chain around your neck.

Another important point is to set limits. Narcissists know how to violate and circumvent them and it takes great fortitude and willpower to keep them at bay. The feeling is that of always being under siege.

It is also necessary that you impose the obligation of his duties: for example you will have to make him understand, by hook or by crook, that his wrong attitude (for example exceeding the imposed limits) will bring negative consequences for him. Don't leave room for misunderstanding: make him understand that as long as he behaves this way he will lose your attention and the time you dedicate to him. On the contrary, when he looks nice and helpful you can unbutton yourself a little: in this way he will understand that the only way to get you closer is to follow the rules.

Always take care of yourself and cultivate your passions. Keep in touch with your family and friends. Always leave points of reference where he is not included. This way the narcissus will have no way to isolate and manipulate you.

Always remember that the person by your side has a serious personality problem and that its resolution, if it exists, involves a long and difficult journey. And if you really want to try to save your relationship it is a priority that the narcissist is willing to accept that they have a problem and also be ready to consult a specialist. If not, the best solution is always to end the relationship.

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Narcissistic man in love

Basically the narcissistic man in love follows three well-defined steps:

  • Love bombing: as mentioned earlier the narcissistic man will at first shower you with attention. The woman framed as the victim will not suspect anything, indeed she will consider herself lucky to have met the prince charming!
  • Revelation of the true face: from the moment the narcissistic man realizes that his victim has fallen into his web, he will no longer need to play and will reveal his true face. From now on, all his negative characteristics will emerge and his victim will begin to lose his life one piece at a time.
  • Abandonment and return: when the narcissistic man is tired of playing with his victim and has taken full control of him, he will tend to leave her and go hunting for new prey. Obviously, he'll put the blame for everything on his partner. In some cases he will retrace his steps, if for example he sees that his victim has regained control of his life and perhaps is trying to re-emerge. It is not uncommon, among other things, for the narcissist to have more or less hidden stories at the same time.

The one with the narcissistic man can be defined in every sense as a toxic relationship, and if it is not managed well it can lead to serious problems in your life. To learn more, I invite you to read the article: Relationship with a narcissist.

There are also cases of women who, despite enormous suffering, still chose to marry a narcissistic man. This situation is even more delicate and involves an additional management method.

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