The irremediable passage of time

The irremediable passage of time

The irremediable passage of time

Last update: 27 March, 2015

“Return to the landscapes of childhood. The painting is made in Romania, on the train from Bucharest to Baia Mare, on a foggy autumn morning in 2012 ”. (Photo and commentary by Tamas Hajdu, Romania / 2013) "

When you reach a certain age, you are it accounts for many things. First of all, childhood is one of the best phases that exist, without any kind of worry and during which it only matters to have fun with friends. During adolescence, we realize that love is not as beautiful as they paint it and that sooner or later we receive a disappointment from that boy / girl we had completely idealized.

Finally, when one reaches a certain maturity, one realizes that there are many acquaintances with whom to have a party, but friends who are there when you really need them very few.

All that remains is to accept the situation

Like everything in life, the passage of time has its good part. All these situations help us to to know each other better, to mature and above all not to trip over the same stone. And do you feel that you like the irremediable passing of time less and less? Well, don't worry because it happens to more than 6.000 million people around the world. 

When you reach a certain age, you realize that you start to be "old". However, nothing can be done about it. Why not accept the situation as it comes? All ages have their own positive and negative periods and for this there is no other solution than to be optimistic.

For example, on your XNUMXth birthday for sure many of you are independent from an economic point of view, something almost impossible when young. So enjoy this age to travel, meet new people and cultivate yourself in all senses. It may surprise you to find out what you are capable of!

This way, doing different things and staring at you new goals in life, you will truly realize that you are still alive. There is no better gift in life than this, and money can't buy it. Ultimately, rest assured that if you take care of your time and you will know how to spend it in the best way, you will give yourself unforgettable moments. Thus expressed the legendary actor of the twentieth century Charlie Chaplin: "Time is a great author: it always finds the perfect ending".

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