There is no perfect mother, but you can be a good mother

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There is no perfect mother, but you can be a good mother

Last update: October 19, 2015

You will teach to fly, but they will not fly your flight.
You will teach to dream, but they will not dream of your dream.
You will teach to Live, but they will not live Your Life.
But in every Flight, in every Dream and in every Life,
it will remain forever the imprint of the teaching received.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

"Sometimes it is really difficult to become a mother ”.

Yes, it's worth it. Yes, it is the most important experience a woman can have. Yes, nothing marks you more than the moment when you will finally hold in your arms the son who has just come out of you, deliciously dirty, wet, hot, who looks you in the eyes as if to say: I know you.

However, it is difficult. And not just because you no longer sleep, for labor, for the care a newborn needs (so small and so smart), or for the mix of hormones that will leave you totally in turmoil for several weeks after delivery.

It doesn't even depend on lack of experience and uncertainty about how you are growing it, nor the doubts and comments of family members, good yes, but which only increase your insecurity and your fears.

 It is looking at yourself in the mirror while your creature remains attached to your breast, and not recognizing yourself. At what moment did you transform into that woman with perennial dark circles, who doesn't even have a moment to take a shower? Who is that person? Who are you now?

Because of course, your whole being is now for someone else. And this other feeds on you, not only on your milk, but also on your caresses, your songs, your words, your warmth. And time passes and does not stop. 

The time will come when, without realizing it, the feedings will shorten and the hours of sleep will lengthen. Your baby will learn to support the head, to walk around, to crawl.

The most unexpected day will give you a smile and make you think that all you have done has been little. One day she will call you mom. You will see him running in the park, climbing the slide, playing with other children; she will stammer the first few letters and she will make you feel proud. And for nothing in the world you will want to go back to being what you were, who knew so little about love ...

Source: Vivian Watson Molina, A New Motherhood

Because it's just the beginning ...

As mothers or children we can come to understand that, just as there is no being in the world who does not make mistakes, there is no prototype of a perfect mother. A mother is a woman, with her imperfections and her insecurities, but with a great responsibility that she will carry out as best she can.

A woman, from the moment she transforms into a mother, begins to possess the greatest privilege in the world, infinite love. And when a mother loves her children, she will always make mistakes, but her love will serve as an impulse so that the fruit of her womb can do the impossible.

A mother's heart gets bigger and bigger, day by day, from the moment he has the pleasure of seeing his son crawling, spinning around. Because, ever since he looks at her belly for the first time, a mother falls madly in love with her for life.

Because a mother is a larger version of herself, and her heart is an infinite universe. Even though her mistakes make a mother so real, she is the most divine being on earth.

The worst flaw of mothers is that they die before we can come to reciprocate them for everything they have done.

They leave us incapable, full of guilt and hopelessly orphaned. Luckily we only have one. Because no one could bear the pain of losing a mother twice.  

Isabel Allende

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