The world needs examples, not opinions

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The world needs examples, not opinions

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Last update: December 14, 2021

Sometimes we feel pain living in a world in which the battle is always won by personal interests, economic benefits, wickedness and selfishness.

Generally, the resulting disappointment and disconsolation lead us to believe that good people are rare and that the few who are there will not be able to bring anything meaningful to the world.

However, good people are the ones who keep the world in balance, who solve this puzzle with their sincerity, honesty and good deeds. All people deserving of the adjective "good" represent what we like to watch. For the rest, everything is simply unbearable.

The world that grieves us, our world

There are images that hurt, that really make us suffer and that shake our soul. Even if we can close our eyes, the pain of others will always haunt us. There are cases where injustice slaps us in a shameful way.

Unfortunately, many things that sadden us today tomorrow will already be forgotten. A perfect example is the photo that precisely illustrates these words, the photo of misfortune, of shame, of torment.

“Who am I to tell you not to come.

I too would risk everything.

I would cross seas and borders and countries.

And whatever else.

I already know that I will not convince you.

And I don't even think about it.

But you must know that, on this side, the future is a consumer good.

And border taxes are paid in human lives.

Here we show that we only care when you annoy us.

When you cover the beach and the sun.

When your image strikes us and remains engraved in our soul forever.

Yes, I know it's a shame.

And I beg your pardon.

What can I do, apart from everything I'm not doing.

But who am I to tell you not to come.

If the only thing we did for you was show that you don't exist.

If the only thing we know about you is a number, now that you're gone. "

(Risto Mejide)

We are not good if we remember the important things

Thanks to the network, we open our eyes and understand that the threads that move the world are much more cruel than we can bear. Certainly these words and images hurt and make us reflect, but with the internet, misfortune is forgotten as quickly as it went viral.

When something touches us inside, we all express our opinion; however, if we make a balance between our actions and our intentions, we see that the latter are preponderant. We are afraid of those ideas that are taking lives and we are terrified that the interests that move the world are stronger than our union.

Our emotions try to collide with a world we are still afraid of. Nonetheless, while words fly away like air, feelings cannot be moved even by a hurricane. They may fade, but they will always stay with us, blocking the way for indifference.

Let's not justify ourselves with words, let's not look the other way

Evidently, we are not yet sufficiently distressed by evil and, as a result, we have been able to tolerate our helplessness. But we're not programmed to sit comfortably on our sofa day in and day out.

Perhaps we have been stuck in a spiral that causes us to generate empty feelings. However, I still believe in the human being, I still trust that we can feel and act accordingly.

We are very good at justifying ourselves with words. When we have to give an opinion, we make great sense of our sentences, but then fear wins the battle against action.

In the face of injustices, we cannot shield ourselves with some phrase that masks our frustration. We must bring our opinions to life and not close our eyes; we must forgive ourselves and start taking action.

With our absence of action, we are staining our conscience with blood. Injustice shines so strongly that it becomes blinding. We do not allow this to be only temporary: we can fight the perpetrators of the misfortunes. If we act, we can create examples instead of opinions.

The world is a home for all its inhabitants. The fact that it has existed before we are born and that it will continue to turn even when we are dead does not mean that we are not responsible for what happens.

Children who are dying of hunger. Exhausted refugee families. Raped women. Soldiers killed. People like us enslaved, who sew clothes. Tortured animals. Natural spaces devastated. Governments, rich people and mafias who play with the inhabitants of the world, create needs, satisfy their interests and make shoes for us.

All this needs much more than an opinion. For all this, the world needs our example, our action, our struggle. The world needs people like us to catch its breath.

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