Procrastination: cause and solution for referrals

Procrastinazione: what does it mean, what are the causes and how to remedy it.

By dint of repeating "tomorrow" you end up losing your whole life.


Why do we engage in procrastination as if it were the most important thing in our life?

But before you answer, you know what it means to procrastinate?

The term procrastination means postponing, postponing, delaying or postponing a certain action.

Everyone in our life has procrastinated at least on one occasion and the reasons may sometimes have been right and acceptable, but the truth is that procrastination can become a problem often also difficult to stem and overcome.

Let's see some examples.

When we postpone until tomorrow

To identify some situations in which you have procrastinated it is enough to analyze all the times that you have said to yourself in vain one of these sentences:

  • I start next week
  • Then I do it
  • The first of January I begin
  • Monday we see
  • Tomorrow I start, the world will fall
  • I'm going now
  • After that, I really put a lot of effort into it
  • I have to wait for the right time
  • I start studying in the second term

It goes without saying that if you say these little phrases frequently, but regularly never start what you promised to do, you probably you have a tendency to put it off.

Let's be clear: it's normal to put off difficult decisions, boring commitments and uninspiring activities, but whether we like it or not, often in life bad soup should be eaten, there is little to do.

To be able to stop procrastinating you need to have a strategy, in this article we will see that of emptiness.

An effective strategy against procrastination

I've already told you about how to stop procrastinating, but in this article I wanted to give you a slightly different strategy.

It is simply a matter of self-norming and placing oneself as the only rule of devote yourself fully to the activity to be performed, or do nothing.

Why does this strategy work?

It works because when we choose to procrastinate, we postpone the activity to be done in favor of another activity, obviously more enjoyable.

But if the choice were between carrying out our commitment or do absolutely nothing?

Warning, I said do nothing, which means no Facebook, Instagram, smartphone, TV and chat.

You would really be able to not complete a commitment, maybe a simple one, knowing that later on you can do something you like for stand still and stare into space?

Of course, this strategy doesn't apply to all situations, but when you feel like procrastination is reaching you like a wave, stop doing nothing.

Remember the compromise: run your business or do absolutely nothing, let's see who checks it.

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