Good people hide scars in their soul

Good people hide scars in their soul

Good people hide scars in their soul

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Last update: 15 November 2021

Good people always have some stardust in their pockets, to be able to do the impossible for others, to give joy and happiness. However, sometimes giving our best and getting nothing in return can hurt, and there are many scars we try to hide.

It sure is a feeling you know well. There are people who fail to grasp the limit between themselves and others. People who do not even set this limit, who do not make a difference between what is "mine" and what is "yours". Really, people whose life only makes sense when they make others happy.

There are scars that we try to hide, because remembering them hurts or even humiliates us. Because they bring us back to that moment when we gave everything for someone and received nothing in return or, even worse, the terrible wound of betrayal.

Good people are neither weak nor naive. They simply understand only the language of respect and affection, imbued with humility and altruism. Perhaps for this very reason they sometimes feel out of place in a world full of selfishness and fleetingness, of emotions that don't last and promises that are broken, day after day.

The world is not always how we would like it or how we perceive it in the depths of our hearts. There are dissonances, feelings that are out of tune. For this we must also get used to chaos and, above all, we must know how to say enough when it is necessary. When our self-esteem is at risk.

Good people fight battles that no one sees

Good people are much more than what they show. They fight battles that only they know, silence unspoken words and hide bitterness behind a gentle smile, because they don't want to look weak or make others put up with their complaints. They are humble and endure disappointments without rancor.

Good people listen without judging, speak without offending, and observe without contempt. Three simple values, which they expect others to carry out as well. But it's not always like this.

Perhaps someone will be surprised by this way of categorizing them: “good” people. Maybe we are not all? Is there anyone who desires the evil of others or who acts maliciously on purpose? We hope not, but the truth is that there are people who stand out for their limitless goodness, and who sometimes get hurt for it. Here are, in general, the traits that characterize them:

  • There are people for whom happiness comes from giving everything for others. They deeply care for everyone in their social circle, and beyond. They are also very sensitive to the "pain of the world", to the inequalities and suffering of others.
  • This sensitivity often leads them to take actions that others do not understand: doing favors for people they hardly know or being altruistic in uncommon situations.
  • Good people rarely say "no" to anything, and it's not because they're too weak or too weak assertive. It is because, from the bottom of their hearts, they want to invest time and effort for the people who request it.
  • For good people, there is no greater happiness than giving happiness to others, see a smile and feel useful. Knowing that what they do is important and enriching.

The main problem in all of this is that they are capable of giving everything to others, until they are left without strength, breathless and without energy. And they do it so often, that the rest of the people take it for granted that they don't need anything, that they are always available, and that there are other smiles behind their smile, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

Behind their gentle and alert faces, there are scars. The voids of those who at times abused their goodness and behaved selfishly, of those who saw only favors, love without asking for anything in return, boundless affection, but not the person behind it all this.

Being good does not mean that you can exploit me for your own purposes or that you can break my transparent heart with your arrows of ulterior motives. Being good means giving you the opportunity to grow with me, to exchange something and walk hand in hand along paths full of trust, where no one is better than the others.

In reality, it is not easy to set limits or say enough, when we have always done nothing but give up and give more than our soul allowed us. Yet, we must have it very clear in mind: we are not made of iron and our heart is not a rock. We are made of meat and emotions, the very ones that often come out broken and torn into pieces.

  • If you are capable of giving affection and dedication to others, you must also be able to understand who deserves these efforts and who does not.
  • Understand that you will not become selfish if you occasionally give priority to yourself, and if you say no to those who never take you into consideration and make you feel like a person you are not. Because who you manipulate using selfishness, he neither appreciates nor respects you.
  • Giving happiness, attention and joy to others is the noblest thing in the world: it is what defines you. Don't let anyone make you regret who you are and what you feel. You just have to set limits, also cultivate your happiness to be able to share it with others.

Life is too short to dedicate it to those who do not deserve you, those who only make you suffer and cry. Because good people understand only one language: that of joy and sincere affection.

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