Do you want to change your mood? I'll tell you the secret of the 3 minutes

Do you want to change your mood? I'll tell you the secret of the 3 minutes

How small 3-minute actions can change your mood, revolutionizing your day.


"It is much more risky not to take any action than to take a small action."

Trammell Crow.

Have you ever received good news, an unexpected compliment or a stroke of luck e change mood almost instantly?

This should show you that certain moods such as boredom, demotivation and sadness, which we believe must necessarily dictate our days, are actually much more ephemeral and can be literally swept away with a sweep of the broom.

In today's article I want to tell you about a little trick that I have successfully used in recent years and that has allowed me to change mood quickly even on the worst days.

Today I'll tell you about the 3-minute technique. But first let's clarify a little thing ...

Having negative moods is natural

We live in a society where negative emotions and feelings have been demonized.

"Do you have a headache? Take the pill. You are sad? It could be depression: take the pill. You're nervous? You probably suffer from anxiety: take the pill “.

In short, today there is a pill for everything. The point is that we no longer tolerate the slightest discomfort.

I personally believe that experiencing negative moods is absolutely natural.

On the contrary, I am convinced that knowing how to live with and accept the negative moments of life is essential to develop our resilience.

However, I am equally convinced that it is important to develop the ability to manage our emotions ed act on our mood proactively, without necessarily having to resort to external help, whether it is the famous "pasticchetta" or worse substitutes.

The "3-minute technique", which I will tell you about shortly, exactly reflects this philosophy of mine.

You have all the internal resources to manage your moods, face them and change them.

The responsibility for doing this rests with you and with you alone, even if it means feeling uncomfortable. Stop leaning on external "emotional crutches".

And go with the mental saws Andre '... but can you tell me about this famous 3-minute technique or do we have to stay here until tomorrow morning ?!

Changing moods through small actions

In the past I have already told you about some tricks to change your mood when you feel bored, sad, unmotivated (in this article you will find 20 simple and immediate techniques).

We also saw how cultivating gratitude every day can help you regain a small dose of your lost happiness every day.

The 3-minute technique that I will tell you about in this article is more related toaction andesteem.

The basic idea is to change mood by carrying out many small actions of 3 minutes or so, which are able to make us satisfied with ourselves, but above all, which are able to trigger a virtuous circle in which small actions more and more consistent actions follow that can literally revolutionize our days and, ultimately, our life.

But what actions am I talking about?

The actions I have in mind are simple, almost trivial actions, which however we inevitably tend to procrastinate.

This idea of ​​the "3-minute technique" came to mind on a Sunday morning a few years ago.

Let me tell you how it went ...

The 3-minute technique

I got up late, after a not exactly healthy Saturday night, I was pervaded by a lethal mix of physical discomfort, the desire not to do a beloved c ***** o (tuft), and chronic demotivation.

Barely groping in this sea of the pain of living, I looked around: the room looked like ancient Rome after the sack of the Huns, on the chair near the desk there was such a mountain of clothes that you could barely see the backrest and the kitchen then ... it was full of dirty dishes of the day previous.

The last thing I wanted at the time was put in order.

Then, in a brief moment of clarity, I had an idea ... I was curious to know how much the hell it would take to fix at least the kitchen sink.

So, headphones from the iPod in my ears and a selected grunge playlist, I started the stopwatch.

Well, guess how long it took me to wash the dishes and clean the sink?

3:03 (3 minutes and 3 seconds), which is the exact duration of Breed by Nirvana.

I'm sure if I had listened to Smells like teen spirit (4:37), I could have fixed the rest of the house too! ;-)

It may sound silly, but the idea that I had put up so much resistance and postponed an action for just 3 minutes was enlightening to me.

My mood changed instantly.

Not only did I fix the rest of the kitchen and my bedroom that day, but I also laid one of the first stones of the GetPersonalGrowth project, effectively building the foundation for one of my first passive sources of income related to my passions.


Why did I tell you this story?

Because I am convinced that there are dozens of small actions that you are continuing to stubbornly postpone, without realizing that they will take you away at most 3 minutes of your life (come on you can do it for 3 minutes!) and that on the other hand they will allow you to change your mood thus triggering an avalanche effect to which small actions , often trivial and not particularly valuable, more and more concrete actions follow to achieve your goals.

Look around you: what action could you take right now that, when completed, would make you feel satisfied and more confident?

  • Could you make your bed?
  • Maybe make that phone call?
  • Reply to that email that's gathering dust in your inbox?
  • Take a shower and settle down for a while?
  • Read two or three pages of that book or that guide?

Stop procrastinating.

Do that damn action and then another, observe how your mood changes with each small goal you reach, give a different pace to your day: you can do it, you have to do it.

Have a good week.

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