Body language of a man in love

Body language of a man in love

Body language of a man in love

Last update: Augusts 27, 2020

It is well known that men are generally more reserved than women. Although there have been numerous changes from the past, many still feel a bit clumsy about expressing their emotions. Here then is that body language can be very important, in fact, it can reveal to us what the partner cannot express in words.

After all, people communicate all the time. Sometimes in words, sometimes using different codes. This is why we can often understand much more by observing a person's gestures than by simply listening to his words. In this sense, the body language of a man in love has particular characteristics that we will try to describe.

Body language is certainly more spontaneous, although not unambiguous (although it largely depends on the eye of the beholder).

On the other hand, love is a feeling that, however intense it may be, often manages to limit our ability to express ourselves, something that does not happen with body language. Here are the signals sent to us by the non-verbal language of a man in love.

Characteristics of the body language of a man in love

The look always reveals something

Love is always reflected in the look. When we like the object of our attention, it attracts us, our eyes sparkle. We focus so much on the object of our desires and, thus, the tear glands are more stimulated, producing the famous sparkle.

However, this is not the only sign to be taken into consideration. One of the revealing aspects of a man's feelings is his fixed gaze. That look that follows us everywhere, that accompanies us when we go away and always seems to look for us in the crowd. A look that cannot focus on anything else, from when we arrive to when we leave, and for all the time we will spend together.

Observing the lips is another sign. It doesn't matter if we're talking or not, a man expresses interest in us by looking at our lips.

The feelings of a man in love are painted on his face

further revealing gestures of a man's interest can be perceived by looking at his face. For example, raise your eyebrows. If he arches them slightly, but often, this gesture is to be interpreted as a clear sign of interest.

The same can be said of the smile, an element that also has the same meaning in women. When we are in love, it is impossible not to notice that stupid smile on our face that we just can't hide. It is a spontaneous and constant smile. It comes from the feeling of pleasure and well-being that the company of a loved one causes us.

When a man is in love, he sometimes unwittingly repeats the other person's facial expressions.

Other revealing gestures

When a man feels attracted to someone, he will carry out a series of unconscious gestures related to his physical appearance. For example, your hair will always be in order; without realizing it, she will adjust her tie, jacket, or other garment at the exact moment her loved one appears. It is a way to prepare, an attempt to be attractive.

Another frequent gesture is to place your hand on your back, as if to guide the other person. It is a gesture with atavistic roots, which can be interpreted as a sign of possession. What the percentage of this component is is expressed by that hand that touches the waist.

Another factor to note is that when he speaks, he tends to lean towards the person he is interested in. But also bring your shoulders back and push your chest out, as if you want to stand up. It is a strengthening position. He prepares to fight for what he wants. While seated, for example at dinner, he could play with the napkin or cutlery, at times when he won't keep his eyes glued to him.

Often a man in love expresses himself through the non-verbal language described here. These gestures reveal admiration, interest, attraction. A man truly loves when he listens, supports and is sensitive to his partner's wants and needs.

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