5 things we learn from true love

    5 things we learn from true love

    5 things we learn from true love

    Last update: 25 September, 2015

    “Because without looking for you, I meet you everywhere, especially when I close my eyes” Julio Cortázar

    Love is the feeling to which more words have been dedicated, but probably only those who have experienced it really know what it means. On the other hand, no one wants perfect love, rather a true love, in which the defects themselves are understood through one's feelings. Laughing at oversights, planning insanities that can have certain consequences, collecting minutes while the other prepares ...

    It is for this reason that we asked ourselves what all couples who fully enjoy everything that unites them have in common and we have identified the characteristics listed below.

    What are the characteristics of a good relationship?

    Being part of a healthy and true relationship allows you to learn a lot of beautiful and useful things. It makes you feel part of a strong and indivisible team, you act differently than you do in other relationships. Perhaps you are more understanding and able to accept your partner unconditionally.

    Today we will talk about the 5 things that are usually learned when you have a healthy and good relationship for both members of the couple, that is, a positive relationship:

    - You learn to trust your partner. At the base of any type of relationship is the trust we place in the other person and vice versa. Love is born when you trust.

    The best relationships are born and develop on a deep trust, which constitutes the solid basis that the couple needs to be able to communicate in an open and sincere way. If trust doesn't exist in your relationship, ask yourself this question: why draw your life on someone you don't trust?

    - You learn to promote growth and change for both. When you have a healthy relationship, both partners need to promote and empower each partner's growth and change. We all have the right and the pleasure to discover, learn and improve as people. Your partner must support your dreams and must never be an obstacle to be faced day in and day out.

    Giving support to your partner is a necessary and precious gesture. Support each other to explore, discover and learn new things that allow you to grow and live life. This will take the monotony out of your relationship and fuel the love you feel for each other, which will make you feel unique emotional security.

    - One learns that misunderstandings are inevitable. Even if you have a healthy and rewarding relationship in every sense, it is normal for everyone to perceive and understand things in a specific way; it may be very similar to that of the other partner, but there will always be minimal differences.

    It is normal for there to be misunderstandings in a relationship. The important thing, in this case, is to reflect before saying the first thing that comes to mind when we interpret the words of the other in our own way, and then maybe we realize that our partner meant something else.

    It is then that you have to be humble and, probably, be able to recognize the mistake and forget about it. If you keep reminding each other of your mistakes, you will only be able to damage the relationship and cause communication problems in the future. Often what we say is misinterpreted and this causes us frustration. Don't despair. Take a deep breath, take some time, and remember that your partner has a way of interpreting life that is different from yours, even if the differences are minimal.

    Ultimately, your relationship is unique, so you love your partner and have decided to share a piece of your heart with them. For sure, nothing they do will happen with bad intentions. Forgive misunderstandings, always if possible, and leave them behind.

    - One learns to accept one's weaknesses. When you start a relationship and fall in love, we see and consider the other as a superhero, but be honest. We all know that he isn't and you don't have to expect him to be. We are unique and, as human beings, we have the gift of making mistakes to learn from.

    You have to be honest with yourself, love yourself unconditionally and not be angry if your faults come out. To have a serious and lasting relationship, one of the basic requirements is that the weaknesses are visible to both. This will allow your partner to be more sensitive to what is bothering you, helping you to improve these aspects, if that's what you are willing to do, and to know when you need help. In this way, your inner bond will grow.

    - You learn to show your feelings. In a true and healthy relationship, the worst thing to do is to play with feelings. What does this mean? Your partner must always feel loved, respected and considered. Use gestures of love for something more and in different circumstances, and not just as a reward for a gesture of the other.

    Even if one of you is angry or annoyed, keep in mind in your heart that you love each other and that you probably only need that love you are missing right now. You both need to know how you feel when you feel it is necessary: ​​in moments of tension, misunderstanding or arguments. Take the time you need to express your feelings so that the other person does not misunderstand them.

    As we always like to repeat when we talk about couple relationships, everyone needs their own times, phases and developments. The teachings that we have listed today are the most common and what many of us experience when we experience true love.

    Our teachings can always improve and develop, practically without limits. Be aware of everything you learn with your partner and you will be able to develop them. If you learn something new that we haven't listed, share it with our readers!

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