5 questions to ask yourself to start a relationship well

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5 questions to ask yourself to start a relationship well

Last update: 15 September, 2015

Nowadays, there are tons of TV shows trying to inculcate us the absolute need to have a partner; many people, without realizing it, allow themselves to be influenced by the wave of social fashion. However, apart from this, we know that the human being warns the wonderful need to enjoy a good relationship, at least once in a lifetime.

When the magical desire to start a good love story invades us, we rarely ask ourselves questions before taking the first steps. Use past experiences as a guide and reference is healthy and intelligent: in this way, we will avoid making the same mistakes and get new results, more positive and quality.

What are the questions to ask yourself before starting a new relationship?

  • Have you emotionally moved beyond your last relationship? In life, the best thing is to proceed one step at a time. If you are starting a new relationship, you need to be sure that you have moved on from the previous relationship and that you have not left anything pending. So, you will keep your head and heart clear and calm.

We don't all get over stories in the same way, but what is certain is that we need to start the new relationship with a heart free from grudgespast emotions and feelings. A lot of inner work is needed on your part.

  • Do you really want to start a new relationship? One of the most typical mistakes is not being truly prepared for a new story. We let ourselves be influenced by our surroundings or simply want to be with someone to avoid feeling alone.

This question is necessary, if you want to be aware of your inner state and your true needs when engaging your heart with a new person. You have to be as honest as possible, weigh the pros and cons, understand your current situation and that of the other person. Take the time to get to know each other's desires, his interiority and his intentions.

  • Do you really have time for a new relationship? All relationships take time, emotional energy, and commitment. You must consider that the first stage of your relationship will require a lot of you, in every sense.

It is good to make sure that both parties are willing to use their time to build an emotional foundation together. If you answer this question in a dubious way or if you know that you are not willing to sacrifice your time, surely this is not the time to start a new relationship.. Take your time, everything happens when it has to.

  • Do you trust this person completely? To create a relationship, you need two people, not just one. The best relationships are built on a foundation of trust, love and respect; these are the three pillars that must always be present and solid. You both have to consider these three ingredients and work with them every day.

For this purpose, ask yourself if you really trust the person in front of you; this step is vital. If, in the relationship, you notice distrust and distrust, yours it's not a real relationship.

  • Do you really love each other? This last question is one of the most difficult to answer. Each story begins for absolutely personal reasons: can be born from friendship, from passion or from a simple affinity.

You need to be sure of what your heart feels, don't get carried away by pure physical attraction, a feeling of friendship or a momentary illusion.

Personal experience is the most important guide when starting that fascinating and wonderful project built by two people, or the couple relationship. Remember past events in your life and use the tools you have gained along the way; this will help you understand your new love and start a beautiful new relationship.

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