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Write a cover letter

Writing a cover letter is very important, as it adds more information to what is contained in our curriculum vitae. Today let's find out how to write it in the best way.

Last update: February 18, 2022

Although when it comes to looking for a job we believe that our curriculum vitae is enough and advances, in reality it is just as important write a cover letter. In it we can include some information about us that is absent on the resume and that can make the difference between getting the job you want or not.

In some cases, many companies already specify that in addition to sending the resume, they require or appreciate more details about their training and experience. The problem is that no one has told us how to write a cover letter, what aspects we need to focus on and what factors we need to consider in order for the company to read it to the end and be decisive for our application.

In the same way, it is not recommended to send a cover letter without the resume. Also, as the Active Job Search Guide indicates, attention must be paid to the details of writing and style. Let's see in the following paragraphs which aspects we need to evaluate in order to write a presentation letter that favors us.

Tips for writing a cover letter

1- Contact the hiring manager

When we are going to write a cover letter for a job offer, it is a good idea to contact the hiring manager. In this sense, the ideal is to allocate the first paragraph to the job offer viewed.

In this first point it is the same It is important to grab the attention of the hiring manager who will be reading our letter. To this end, we will explain why the company is looking for a profile like ours and why we have all the necessary requirements. We will not go too far, as we will have time to explain why we are the candidates the company needs.

2- Show interest

One of the most important aspects in a cover letter is show interest in the requested post. This will affect the way we draft and present our ideas.

At this point we must refer to our experience, the training we have and the courses done and that can be a plus for the use we aspire to. We cannot forget foreign languages, even if we do not have a title, as long as we can prove that we have mastered them.

3- Optimistic and positive tone

When writing our letter, it is advisable to give the text an optimistic and positive tone. But be careful! Sometimes we can be too effusive and conversational, an effect to be avoided.

Keep an upbeat and positive tone there it will also avoid writing a cover letter that is averse to the person reading it. We don't want to be hired for punishment, but for our successes and skills.

A cover letter should highlight our interest in the job and our enthusiasm for a contribution the company really needs.

4- Strong points

Sometimes it can be difficult to express our strengths, which is why writing a cover letter is a task that requires reflection. The text we send must be truthful, answer many of the questions that the human resources officer can ask and highlight the elements we want to have greater relevance.

What strengths do we have and are they important to do the job we are applying for? What skills might distinguish us from other candidates? Answering these questions can offer us a useful idea on how to attract the reader. On the other hand, remember that the recipient of our letter does not know us, so we have in our hands the power to directly influence the first impression that will be made on us.

5- Availability for a cognitive interview

Once the body of our letter has been drawn up, we must proceed with the ending. We must thank you for the attention paid to us and show our availability for a cognitive interview during which to answer any possible questions that remain unresolved with the documentation provided.

As we said, the cover letter generates a first impression on us in the person in charge of recruiting. The best thing we can do is therefore take care of it down to the smallest detail and be astute in drafting it. An increasing number of companies are looking for candidates who stand out, who know how to write well, and sending a good cover letter is already a demonstration of this.. It represents the effort that can benefit us over the other candidates for the post.

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