Not feeling appreciated at work: what to do?

Not feeling appreciated at work: what to do?

If you don't feel appreciated at work, maybe it's time to do something to change the situation. These ideas will help identify the added value we can bring to the company.

Not feeling appreciated at work: what to do?

Last update: 24 March, 2022

Not feeling appreciated at work can easily undermine our morale. And not just in the workplace, but in every aspect of life. It's not even about getting a pat on the back although positive reinforcement can be like godsend at certain times.

According to the Maslow pyramid, appreciation is an important need for every individual. And focusing on a professional context, it is normal for them to seek each other out awards based on favorable results with which to make sense of your efforts.

But what if the boss doesn't like us? Well, not only will we notice a change in the professional situation, but also in our psychophysical state, since theapproval is very important for any employee.

How to tell if the boss appreciates us

To understand if the boss appreciates our work, we can rely on a series of clues and attitudes. We refer to the following:

  • It delegates various responsibilities to us. If the superior gives us positions of responsibility and asks us to do everything independently, let's not take it as an affront. Quite the opposite, as it indicates appreciation.
  • Look in the eyes. If the boss is generally not distracted and looks us in the eye when we speak, it means that he is focused on our words and that he takes our judgment into consideration.
  • Our opinion is taken into consideration. As well as our abilities, superiors can also appreciate our ideas. This is another good sign.
  • Communicate in person. Superiors typically communicate with us via e-mails, calls, and other telematic systems. When instead they do it as a person, it means that he sees us as an important figure in his project.
  • He does not compliment. If the boss never pays compliments, let's not tear our hair out. We can say that superiors rarely pat their most esteemed employees on the back. And if they have to pay a compliment, they will most likely do it in private.

Not feeling appreciated at work: what to do

If the boss hasn't sent any of the signals described, maybe he doesn't appreciate us as we think he should. Here are a few tips that might be helpful in this case:

  • Maintain your personality. As tempting as it may be to please everyone, it's best to avoid it. Generally, they don't like the person who changes their attitude in order to be accepted. Even less to superiors.
  • Accept the limitations of others. He is strongly advised to have good relationships with colleagues, as well as with your boss, as much as possible. The sooner we learn to respect and value others, the more consideration we will get in the workplace.
  • Be productive. Nobody wants to have an unproductive worker on their staff. Even when doing what is required, it never hurts to be proactive and come up with new ideas.
  • Respect the timetables. It goes without saying that working hours must be respected. Beyond the workplace, nobody likes people who aren't punctual or formal.
  • Good relations with colleagues. Taking into account the limits that must be respected, knowing and establishing good bonds with colleagues will make it easier and easier to grow within the company. After all, this will help superiors look kindly on us.
  • Collaborate. Every good worker must cooperate. It is therefore advisable to lend help to colleagues whenever they need it. Few things are more appreciated by bosses than camaraderie.
  • Specialize. Like everything in life, the more specialized we are in a field, the more likely we are to stand out. If the boss sees that we can solve a problem better than anyone else, he will trust us.
  • Don't gossip. It's nice to get to know your teammates and help them, but let's not make the mistake of overdoing it. Namely: no one likes to have a nosy person around who shares sensitive information. If we want to please the boss, we have to look like trustworthy people.

Does not feeling appreciated at work need to be communicated?

Telling the boss directly that we don't feel appreciated can be a cause for conflict. It is good to know how to communicate in a more veiled way. For instance, we can arrange a meeting to evaluate our latest work.

We can highlight our professional achievements in the company without having to strut. At the end of the day, what we need is acceptance and positive feedback to fight our insecurities and be able to grow professionally. Asking the boss how you can improve at work is also a good way to get noticed.

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