Anger and job search

Anger and job search

Finding work today is not easy at all. This research can lead to severe frustration, if not anger. But how do anger and job search relate to each other?

Anger and job search

Last update: May 05, 2020

The difficulty of finding a worthy job is still a huge problem today, despite the fact that the economic situation has improved. This aspect causes deep despair in those who would like to work but cannot find a job; this is especially true if you have been trying for a long time, triggering a series of dangerous reactions. We explain which ones, discovering how anger and job search relate to each other.

The current job situation is as follows: the job offer is lower than the demand, so there are more candidates, more requirements are required, all in exchange for worse working conditions and wages lower.

This situation it unleashes a vicious circle in anyone are looking for work, given that he will not find a job or will not be selected for the offers for which he is applying because he does not meet the required requirements. If the candidate is selected, the job is likely to have very precarious conditions.

In the end, discouragement prevails, from which anger, negativity and the renunciation of looking for a job derive. But don't give in to these negative emotions; we must think that times of crisis can turn into new opportunities if managed at best. To this end, there are several strategies that can help us avoid anger and negativity in looking for a job.

All in all, working is less boring than having fun.

-Charles Baudelaire-

How to avoid the association between anger and job search?

Understanding if it is a fit of anger or a state of mind

We are human beings, and it is normal to get angry from time to time, for example when we are told that we are too old for a job, that despite many years of experience we do not qualify for a role. It can also happen that you are discarded because you are too young and because you have no experience.

In these cases, it is normal to feel anger; the problem arises when this emotion is transformed into a habit that extends to all areas of life. Here you have to act and remedy, otherwise, in addition to negatively affecting your health, anger will not get you the job. In all honesty, no one wants to work and live with someone who by their nature spreads a negative aura.

Don't throw in the towel

How many times will it have happened to us, in a moment of anger, to express our discontent with modern means of looking for work? So many! For example: "this platform doesn't work, it's all a lie, they don't hire anyone!". Or else, the employment centers don't take me into consideration and don't help me find anything.

Just when we go through these times, the temptation to throw in the towel becomes stronger. It is not easy, it is true, but it is not impossible and the statistics prove it. So, keep searching the web and keeping yourself informed. However, it is better to verify that in our presentation there is no criterion to make improvements.

Anger and job search: thinking that due to age you will not be hired

True, it may be more difficult, but as we said earlier, it is not impossible. For this reason you will need to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can emphasize the strong ones and reinforce the weak ones. You must think that you have more qualities and merits at your disposal that will stand out on age. Trust these!

Don't show up for a job interview

There are many candidates and it is normal to feel a little insecure and nervous; all of this can turn into anger and the belief that you will not be selected. Big mistake! These predictions do not help and are the result of insecurity and lack of confidence, but they are not real.

You don't have to close the doors. Maybe we are the right people for that job! And if not, at least there remains a way to let us know and be taken into consideration for future selections.

Furthermore, we can use anger to our advantage. According to recent studies, bad mood is able to strengthen brain executive function, so the mind is more in order and processes ideas more correctly, something that corporate recruiters care about.

You will have found that there are many options when looking for a job. Even anger ends up turning into a weapon to our advantage. Let's learn to use it!

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