Recommendations for teleworking

Recommendations for teleworking

Teleworking will undoubtedly characterize the working landscape of the future. However, working from home forces us to take into account a series of precautions that will help us be more productive and more satisfied in this new lifestyle.

Recommendations for teleworking

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Last update: 15 November 2021

Working remotely is now a trend. Not only is it an opportunity to facilitate family reconciliation and strengthen work flexibility; teleworking is also an interesting way to renew and advance one's business, but also to maximize talent. To do this effectively, it is good to follow some recommendations for teleworking.

There is no doubt that working virtually from home is the dream of so many people. The cost of transport is saved and in many cases the growth of company productivity is favored.

Well, in the current pandemic context, working from home is not just a privilege of a few: it has become an obligation for almost everyone.

Having to adapt to change overnight has caught both companies and employees off guard. Not everyone had adequate protocols of action, the necessary means or clear indications to follow.

In order to allow those who work from home to remotely achieve the same goals that he would achieve in a face-to-face mannerHowever, it is essential to put in place specific strategies.

The guidelines must be established by the individual companies taking into account the timetable, meetings or coordination of certain tasks.

On the other hand, but not least, the worker himself must undertake to implement a series of personal rules to improve his productivity and be comfortable in this new position. Let's analyze the recommendations for teleworking.

Recommendations for teleworking that may come in handy

The recommendations for teleworking suggested by the experts are based on an assumption. This way of working is not suitable for everyone. As much as it may surprise us, in fact, doing our work from home is not at all easy. It involves a whole host of challenges and complexities.

Studies such as the one carried out by Doctor Ralph Gajendan of the University of California tell us that distance can often give rise to conflicts between colleagues or with one's superiors.

The ideal, as the study published in the journal Applied Psychology points out, it would be to alternate working days from home and present days during the week. Perhaps, we still have to engage in this aspect. Here are some tips to help you do your work from home.

1. Exclusive space for work

The first rule of being productive and getting into work is not to work from the bed or in shared rooms with other family members. It's not even about carrying your laptop around, first in the living room, then on the sofa in front of the TV.

Telework requires a certain degree of concentration and for this reason it is essential to have a space dedicated exclusively to it, well separated from the rest of the house.

A well-lit room, a desk, an ergonomic chair, a quiet space that favors concentration ... all of this will help us be more productive.

2. Recommendations for teleworking: never in pajamas

We are at home, it is true, and we like to be comfortable. But one of the tips for doing our remote work well is to feel like we're on the way to work.

For this, pajamas or dressing gowns do not help; dressing more formally will do to get in the right perspective and concentrate better.

3. The timetables still exist

The company is likely to have fixed working hours, in which case it is important to organize yourself in order to clearly define the time to devote to family and work. If we are freelancers and no time has been imposed on us, we will have to establish it ourselves.

Defining a routine, setting daily goals and completing them will help us manage time better. The ideal is to avoid that work takes us 24 hours a day, which lasts until late in the evening or over the weekend.

4. Establish breaks to rest and eat

Breaks are a right and a duty. Stopping from 10 to 10.30 for breakfast or to go out for a run is a good idea. We can and must set a mid-day break for eating, during which it is forbidden to look at the computer. The ideal is not to stay for too long periods of time in front of the computer or desk.

5. Recommendations for teleworking: establish communication channels

Another recommendation for teleworking is to establish communication channels between colleagues and employees. One option is email or video calls.

It will be up to you to decide whether or not it is appropriate to use WhatsApp or other instant messaging applications, risking to mix personal life with that of work. Decide it together.

6. Take breaks to unplug

When the day of teleworking ends, put the phone on silent mode. Avoid checking your personal email, notifications, social networks ...

The mental load that comes from our devices beyond the workday can become a source of stress. We learn to manage ourselves and, above all, to silence the phone from time to time.

 7. Socializing, banal conversations charge us with energy

Another great recommendation for teleworking is avoiding isolation. Don't turn your home into a bunker. Don't limit your existence to the point of communicating only with colleagues or family.

Go out, cross the threshold of the house two or three times a day to go shopping, walk the dog, chat with the neighbors, with the supermarket cashier ...

It is also important to share time with our friends, people outside of work who will help us to keep alive other areas of life, even more important than work.

Teleworking is the future, no doubt about it. However, it must not transform us into isolated beings who have lost the dynamism and freshness of daily social contacts.

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