Highly sensitive people and work: a complex situation

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Highly sensitive people and work: a complex situation

Last update: 17 September, 2019

Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) often see the work environment as a hostile and complex scenario. Competitiveness, structural rigidity, criticism, sounds and forced conversations exhaust them mentally, exhausting their energies. Their exceptional abilities are rarely appreciated.

Daniel H. Pink is an expert in the field of workplace motivation and the author of several successful books on business psychology. According to him, the future belongs to the right hemisphere. We have reached a point where systematization, computerization and automaticity are transforming to make room for new skills. Those in which intuition, creativity and empathy are integrated.

Well, we know that nowadays these new work areas are not appreciated, not seen and not easily found. Highly sensitive people (PAS) often have difficulty integrating into very structured contexts, in which they are able to flourish professionally.  

Precisely for this reason, they get tired physically and emotionally due to their continuous effort to adapt to an unfavorable and reactive context to their essence, to their personality. A delicate reality of which we want to talk to you below.   

Highly sensitive people (HSPs) and their problems in the world of work

Dr Elaine Aron, an expert in the topic of high sensitivity, shows us that, in reality, there are few HSPs who really feel at ease in the world of work. In fact, in various work contexts, sensitivity is seen as a passive dimension and not very useful for organizational purposes. 

On the other hand, we know that every person, whether HSP or not, needs to feel valued and respected in the workplace to be productive, to give the best of themselves. However, high sensitivity needs something else. It needs its own habitat in which to germinate, in which to feel emotionally and psychically good. He needs to tune his heart into context.  

Main problems encountered by HSPs in the workplace

Highly sensitive people are like a "radar". Any alterations, dysfunctions or problems in the workplace are detected in advance. Such situations subject them to a permanent state of anxiety.

  • A work environment with excessive sounds or lights or where personal interaction is continuous causes overexcitation in their neuronal system. They feel exhausted after a few hours.
  • Another unique aspect is that the high sensitivity is able to anticipate any need that arises in the work environmentThis leads HSPs to take on the responsibilities of others. They don't do it out of the need to please others, but because they understand that it needs to be done. In the long run, this increases their load.
  • The Human Resources department does not always care for the work environment nor is it receptive to the subtleties that affect highly sensitive people. There are often misconceptions about these people, for example: they are vulnerable, unable to achieve goals and lack leadership skills. A completely wrong idea that we will clarify below.

The future of intelligent organizations and high sensitivity

We said it at the beginning. The current model of large companies and organizations is changing. A more intuitive, creative and sensitive human capital to the surrounding environment is needed to anticipate what society needs. This view of highly sensitive people as passive is changing.

  • High sensitivity is a valid tool for perceiving and anticipating new markets. They are people who are able to empathize much more with customers to understand what they need.
  • Companies of the future seek to better manage the diversity of their people. Workplaces do not aspire to have an army of similar professionals. They need people capable of bringing unique and exceptional human capital. Where creativity and intuition are two very powerful strategies.

Highly sensitive people integrate the attitude of the high concept. This is a dimension that characterizes a good leader. Despite the amazement of many, the HSPs have an ideal profile for this purpose: they are visionary, intuitive and able to see things in perspective, never in a reductive, partial or contemptuous way.

They are thoughtful and create a good social environment. In turn, they are vigilant, they seek excellence in everything they do and they infect the conscious and innovative spirit that will undoubtedly be the key to the future in many organizations. It is necessary to believe in yourself so that, sooner or later, the world will discover everything that can offer that look that understands life with the heart, through the right hemisphere.

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