Why read? 5 reasons you don't expect

Why read?

Let's see why from my point of view it is so important to devote yourself to reading.

A child who reads will be an adult who thinks.


I have already talked about reading in this article, illustrating the various benefits that reading brings with it.

In today's post instead, we will see the more personal reasons that push me to read continuously and diligently.

In fact, many people tell me that they don't like reading, that they don't need it or that they don't find such valid reasons to establish this good habit.

If you don't like reading, perhaps you have never found a book that is stimulating and interesting, but most of all consistent with your passions.

If, on the other hand, you are halfway there and you do not know whether to take a book in hand, I will list my 5 reasons why I read, hoping to impact on you in a positive way.

Why read? My 5 reasons

# 1 The first reason I read

In the first place there could only be the simplest and most banal reason: I read because I like it.

I think most of all I enjoy reading not so much for the action of reading itself, but for the obvious advantages that I derive from this practice.

The advantages that we will see in the next points are for me a reason, which alone is more than enough to read and assimilate as much as possible.

# 2 Unconventional reasoning

One of the most important reasons that pushes me to read are ideas.

When I have so many ideas that are whirling in my head and that I can convert into projects and concrete actions I feel truly alive.

Reading texts that lead me to think outside the box or make new connections in my mind makes me feel really good about myself.

# 3 On the shoulders of giants

Having a higher, more holistic and superior vision than the crowd grants me numerous advantages.

Thanks to the new perspectives offered by good books, I can see much further than most people, which makes it possible for me to predict my future.

Obviously I am neither a prophet nor a visionary, but rather a person who can count on a much more developed sight.

While the others keep their heads down staring at the ground, I can freely look at the horizon.

# 4 Confidence in myself

It sounds incredible, but reading greatly increases my self-confidence.

When I am with other people, I feel I always have something stimulating to say, whatever the topics that are being covered.

Even when I'm alone I like to write, because I have the feeling of creating something new and useful that wasn't there before.

Confidence in myself this way it consolidates day after day.

# 5 Why read?

If these reasons aren't enough for you to read, I'll give you 10 more.

  1. I read to relax
  2. A good book is a cheap trip (of all resources)
  3. Reading is the best investment in myself (click here to read the article to learn how to invest in yourself)
  4. Reading makes me escape in a positive way
  5. Reading helps me fight stress
  6. I am aware that reading a lot is one of the secrets of successful people
  7. Reading I learn to think
  8. A book is a remedy for boredom
  9. Reading helps me write better
  10. I learn new things

Did I manage to convince you?

In this case I recommend 5 books that have made a difference in my approach to life.

5 books you can give a chance to

#1 Man of God

This book, along with its predecessor Sapiens. From animals to gods, it becomes one of my favorite books in its own right, so much so that I have included it in my personal growth books page.

Harari has a very pleasant writing style and offers a truly impressive amount of food for thought.

If you are looking for something for move your mind, start from this text.

# 2 The Alchemist

I have advised the alchemist on Personal Growth Lovers very often, despite being aware of all the opinions surrounding this book.

My advice is to read it unpretentiously and take what it has to offer without fossilizing on criticisms or on the simplicity of the text.

# 3 Tao Te Ching

A very ancient book known above all in spiritualist circles and in oriental martial arts.

I got to know this text thanks to my passion for fighting and I have never abandoned it.

As simple as it is profound.

# 4 Siddharta

Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha also often recommend it in my articles.

Siddhartha is definitely one of my favorite personal growth novels and in a way it made me do one remarkable leap forward.

I can recommend it without reservations.

# 5 The epic of Gilgamesh

The epic of Gilgamesh dates back to about 4.000 years ago and I know very well that the name does not do it justice.

Thanks to the school, when we read a term like epic, we are baffled for a moment and think that it is a very boring tomazzo.

If we go beyond the title, however, we can discover an incredible text that has a lot to offer, provided we dissect it properly.

Why is reading not enough?

Why read?

Everyone tells us to read, myself included, but nobody cares to specify that reading is not enough; buying books is not enough.

Buying books to show them off with friends and relatives is useless, if not to entice our ego.

Furthermore reading them is only the first step, the easiest.

We must truly understand a book and contrary to what many say, at the first reading we can not even try to understand what the author wanted to convey.

The important thing is to bring yourself something permanent at home.

Something worth thinking about and that we will carry with us throughout our lives as a treasure.

Why do you read?

These are my main reasons why I read, if you want to write your own, you are welcome in the comments below.

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