The importance of life-changing silence

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The importance of life-changing silence

Silence, staying still in calm, is essential to find yourself. We have forgotten that having your mind and heart at peace is the only way to achieve balance and well-being.

Last update: December 23, 2020

Silence is the simplest and most natural way to calm the mind and calm the emotions. A simple truth with profound implications: sometimes it is enough to remain motionless to reach unexpected goals. It is not a question of containing or repressing the impulses, but of dealing calmly and intelligently with all kinds of situations. The importance of silence lies precisely in this.

It is not an exaggeration to say that making silence a central part of life can radically change one's existence. Avoiding conflicts, eliminating guilt, finding balance are some of the pleasant consequences. Many thinkers define Zen just as the ability to remain silent and at peace.

"The deepest rivers are always the quietest"


Today life seems set against the tranquility, silence and simplicity of things. We are surrounded by stimuli, the rush of new experiences and a lot of noise. We are immersed in a vortex of accumulation that causes restlessness.

It is easy to feel dissatisfied despite all the experiences, loves, money or successes that have accumulated. The reason is only one: we have forgotten the essential.

The chaos of stimuli

Although scientific and technological progress comes to solve problems and make life easier, this is not always the case. Simplicity is a concept that can only be reached through the mind and heart, not with an electronic device.

Many of the new inventions are designed to save us time by letting mechanical devices do things for us that do nothing to our growth. Time is life and the goal is not to waste it. However, instead of taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity, we end up futilely occupying our free time, giving rise to whims, banal actions and automatisms. 

We are obsessed with the idea of ​​having to fill every single moment, not to leave empty moments. All this has made silence intolerable for many people who believe that it is more important to react, to say something, to make noise.

Just see therea terrified reaction of some when they are left without a cell phone for a few hours. When for one reason or another they are forced to interrupt the infinite flow of virtual communication we are all used to.

A simple life

We complicate our lives for no reason. We surround ourselves with absolutely superfluous objects, desires and actions. And sometimes, when all this weighs on us, we acquire another object or another experience to calm our discomfort. We have forgotten that the solution is not to have more, but to get rid of what is not necessary.

A simple life is made up exclusively of what we need. Eat when we are hungry, sleep when we are sleepy, stay awake when needed. To work, to love, to enjoy the moments of leisure, to apply oneself in the working ones, etc.

Simplicity is about recovering our essence. To do this, we need to understand the importance of silence, of a quiet rhythm. This is the only way that leads the heart and mind to the knowledge of ourselves.

The importance and richness of silence

Silence in itself is able to change our life as it allows us to rediscover our essence. Zen master Jorge Bustamante reminds us that silence and stillness go hand in hand. How to find inner calm? Simply by stopping to move.

Our problem is not the things that we do not have, nor the loves that leave us, nor the experiences that we are unable to live. Our problem is the frantic desire to reach for something extreme to calm our soul. But it is a bottomless pit for which the feeling of fulfillment will never come.

Only silence and stillness can calm the chaotic and insatiable vortex of desires thus favoring the state of inner peace so coveted. These dimensions teach us the difference between the essential and the necessary. This is how one can find greater inner clarity, lucidity and, consequently, make better actions and decisions. Silence speaks, speaks to us. Why not listen to him?

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