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Personal prayer for the morning

Reciting a personal prayer every day is a way to observe ourselves and to pay attention to ourselves.

Last update: April 20, 2019

The beginning of the day is one of the most important moments of the same. This is because from the early hours of the morning, we can reach a certain state of mind to maintain until the evening, when we go to bed. For this reason, by creating a personal prayer every day, we will be able to dye the new day with the colors we wish to see.

The power of a personal prayer worked out upon awakening in the morning is to positively prepare us to face the whole day. It helps us to focus on the goals and the meaning of the day that is about to begin. It opens our consciousness to this new piece of life that we have before our eyes and which is unique and unrepeatable.

Prayer is a way to get in touch with the infinite in all its forms.

-Ariel Aldana-

In this article, we define the concept of self-directed prayer and how to develop one to improve your well-being.

Prayer, an instrument of strength

For many people it is difficult to speak of "personal prayer". In general, prayer is a tool adopted by different religions to communicate with God. Consequently, they are almost always thought and elaborated on the same belief: the possibility, thanks to it, to speak with a divinity and ask her for help.

In this case, we are not referring to this type of prayer, but to those rituals of words that put us in contact with ourselves, with the universe and with life.

The word "prayer" comes from the Latin root precarium, which indicates lack, poverty or a state of need. But it also comes from the word precis which means "to pray", "to beg" or "to ask". From the etymological point of view, prayer would be a plea someone makes when they need help.

In the field of religion, it is aimed at a deity. Personal prayer, on the other hand, is directed to one's own conscience. It is a request, but in this case one does not rely on fate, destiny or invisible forces. More than anything else, it consists of concentrating all your strength to get what you want.

A personal prayer, of course, must be worked out by ourselves, that is, by those who know what they want and know what they need every day. This is not a range of goals, but something that goes far beyond. The idea is to define the meaning we want to give to that particular day, beyond specific objectives.

How is a personal prayer worked out?

The ideal is not to have preconceptions about a personal prayer, but to use one's creativity to formulate a new one every day. In this case, it is not a question of repeating a set of words of great significance, as is done, for example, when reciting a prayer or in a mantra. Part of the power of personal prayer lies precisely in the process of creating it.

First of all we must understand that every day of our life has something sacred. Life itself is limited: it has a conclusion. Because of this, every day is of enormous value, regardless of whether it ends with large external events or not. It must be an opportunity that gives space to great events within us.

Only we know what challenges we are facing. Some need peace, others need less pain. This is why it is called personal prayer: because it is valid only for the individual who uttered it. It is about a short message, focused on advancing the internal processes that take place in our life.

Personal prayer and tranquility

Reciting a personal prayer every day is a way to observe ourselves and to pay attention to ourselves. In a nutshell: it allows us to connect with our inner world. It, in turn, it is a way to get to know each other better and to direct our efforts more consciously. At the same time, it gives us more control over our life.

An example of personal morning prayer could be this: "I wish that love can blossom today, that I can show all my capacity for understanding and my sweetness to others, to make my existence a real contribution to humanity. ". As you can see, it is a prayer, a request. Turning it into reality is totally up to us.

For all these reasons, personal prayer is also a path to learn to manage emotions and to become more serene. It fills our day with value and gives it meaning. It therefore allows us to feel better about ourselves and with our existence.

Finally, it opens up a new perspective, from which we can see that every day has a special value and that within us resides a new infinity of new horizons. By formulating one every day, you will start noticing results right away.

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