My greatest treasure is family

My greatest treasure is family

My greatest treasure is family

Last update: 06 November 2015

My family is my greatest treasure and my place in the world. We are real, we make mistakes, we ask for forgiveness, we fight, we offer opportunities, we make noise, we be patient and we love each other. They are my home, my immense corner where I can take refuge forever.

My family is the handkerchief that dries my tears and caresses my soul. It is my home, the place that protects me, the place that smells of childhood and maturity, of growth, of teachings, of obstacles overcome together.

Between her hugs and kisses you will find all the answers to my what, where, how and why. My family is the source of warmth in which my values ​​are forged every day, where my way of feeling is shaped.

My family is made up of people who smell of something that cannot be described, and to whom all those things that cannot be told belong. To them I owe my most precious secrets, my greatest efforts and my biggest smiles.

Sometimes we face moments when something breaks, yet my family always remains my origin and my destiny. A group of allies, of imperfect people, who manage to fight together against whatever awaits us, be it the wind or the tide.


Because one of the main values ​​of my family is the unconditional support, affection and love that you breathe there. It is the sweet atmosphere of the hugs in which we take refuge and of the hearts we intend to protect.


The love of the family


The love of the family is unconditional and infinite. No matter where you are, they will always be there ready to embrace you with their warmth, even hundreds of miles away.

Family is the affection that contains our best reflection. The best version of ourselves, the one we should be proud to look at every day, the cleanest and most genuine. For this reason, in the midst of all the people of this immense world, the family includes those who deserve the award for the best foothold, the best shoulder to cry on, the best therapy.

They are our light, the light that holds the secret of unforgettable steel, unique people and impossible to replace. Thanks to them, we are masters of our feelings, thanks to them, we automatically make ourselves responsible for those complicit glances, that admiration and that pride that are the basis of the most unique and pure love that can exist.

Ours may not be the ideal family, that sometimes we find ourselves doubting that we have been lucky enough to have happened, and it may be that the discussions are making us despair ... Yet the possibility of sharing our existence is in itself the greatest blessing in life.

However, be careful not to feed the emotional health rivals inside your home. Precautions must be used to ensure that our union does not break or deteriorate. It is enough to always have in mind a common interest: the happiness and stability of each member of the family.

Take care of your family, it is the most precious asset


Family is like music, some notes are high, some low, but the result is always a great song.

The family, whether blood or not, includes those people who love us for life and who accept us as we are, those who would do anything to see us smile, and who love us regardless of everything.

Building your own nest is the most important aspect of our life. The only way we can work out who we are and lay the foundation of our world is through relationships with our family, with all the various facets of the case.

The greatest gift we can give to our family is to spend time with them. So take care of the emotional climate inside your home, because it is the key to your emotional well-being and your inner growth.

Although your home is the place where everyone can be themselves, it is important to pay attention to "everything is fine" as they could deteriorate us. Trust, respect and solidarity must always be the basis of family warmth.


Dedicate every moment to your family, think of them, put yourself in their shoes and, whenever you can, hug them and show them your love as best you can. Remember that family is your greatest fortune. Your greatest treasure.


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