Working with the public: essential rules

Working with the public: essential rules

For those who work in a company or as a freelancer there are some skills that can help you interact with others thus facilitating the achievement of goals.

Working with the public: essential rules

Last update: 12 March, 2021

Working with the public requires skills and abilities that can be developed regardless of one's initial potential.

Beautiful presence, empathy and dialectics form the basis for developing a positive work environment when our occupation requires working with the public. Regardless of the sector of activity, a personal interaction is created that presents precise elements.

The general idea regarding the kindness required to work with the public is rather vague: high social skills and problem-solving skills to provide excellent, decisive and personalized customer service.

Elements needed to work with the public

Communication skills

Communication skills differ greatly from popular belief that they consist of a good dialectic. The latter concept is more linked to quackery, a quality that is no longer in use in the workplace and one of the worst enemies of those who intend to work in contact with the public.

Communication skills are very effective tools in any area of ​​our life which become even more valuable for work performance where social interaction is needed. The most important is the so-called active listening.

The information transmitted must be clear and congruent with the non-verbal language. The tone and volume must be in accordance with the content of the message, but also with the language of the body. Knowing how to maintain eye contact is a skill that improves with experience and indicates genuine interest.


Empathy is a very precious quality in works in contact with the public. On the other hand, there is nothing worse than a person who cannot be understanding, therefore, to which it is impossible to identify the true needs of a customer.

In the professional field, empathy is replaced by trust, which acquires naturalness through a good dose of empathy. Putting yourself in the customer's shoes is the fastest and most effective way to help him correctly and professionally.

Anyone who has years of experience working with the public knows that dealing with a customer in the right way is not so much mere courtesy, but it means understanding their needs. For example, it will be counterproductive to adopt a tone of voice that is inconsistent with the customer's disposition.

Personal image

There is no second chance for a first impression, which leaves no room for negotiation. Presence is a multifaceted quality and all its aspects are important. If one aspect is not taken into consideration, there is a risk of devaluing all the others.

Good presence includes body posture, facial expression, clothing, the appearance of hands and hair, shoes, etc. In this sense, nothing should be left to chance and the result should be natural, extremely clean and the fruit of awareness. This is probably one of the most complex aspects.

In this regard, there are dress and appearance codes that must be known and that must not be overlooked at any time. Personal image is one of the most important assets when working with the public.

Working with the public, a peculiar skill

Regardless of the work performed and the skills required, working with the public involves a second level of interpersonal skills. Enjoying it improves job opportunities, and therefore a professional career. In addition to this, he will allow him to do his job in a more pleasant and satisfying way.

A wide range of specialized professionals can help in this regard. Books on the subject can also help; however, we must go beyond the theoretical level: it will be of little use to know the notion of active listening if we do not put it into practice. So, theory is important, but practice is more important.

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