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    Why your life sucks (and how you can fix it)

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    Joe Dispenza

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    … And what you should start doing more and more often to change it once and for all.

    "I'm not against war, they are in favor of peace."

    Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

    If you are reading these lines I would say that the provocative title did its "dirty" job: I managed to capture your caution.

    But it's not your attention that interests me today, what interests me is your mental attitude… anyway, let's not get lost in sophistry and let's start with order.

    Who am I to tell you certain things?

    Who am I to say your life sucks? Nobody.

    But do you want to know the beauty? You too have very few credentials to say your life sucks!

    If you are reading this article from a computer or smartphone screen, thanks to an internet connection, perhaps after eating a nice breakfast and getting a decent night's sleep under a covered roof, well, guess what? Be part of that 5% of the world population who just can't afford to say that his life sucks.

    Look Andre ', we have a really bad start: you can spare yourself the lecture on poor African children who are dying of hunger! You don't even realize how messed up my life is! We also want to talk about the economic crisis! Have you seen the latest unemployment figures? F ** k the SPREAD has risen as well!

    This article does not have the ambition to deal with the great problems of humanity or the economy, this article is about te: talk about what you repeat continuously in your little head, the mental attitude with which you face the challenges of life and how you can start to revolutionize your existence through a small / big change.

    But first we need to talk about a simple formula ...

    The formula of the mental attitude

    THEmental attitude it is the set of interpretations you give and the reactions you have in front of a specific situation.

    The mindset formula includes 3 elements:

    1. The situation, that is an event of our life.
    2. The thought, or what we think about a given situation.
    3. The reaction, or how we act as a consequence of what we have thought.

    Situation + Thought = Reaction

    Many believe that this formula has only 2 elements: Situation = Reaction.

    But the reality is that our reaction is always the result of the combination of a given situation and what it is we think about. The third element, thought, can be either our condemnation or our salvation.

    If our life sucks (reaction) we cannot therefore blame exclusively with what happens to us (situation), but we must start paying close attention to what we think (thought).

    This is a great advantage: it is often difficult to be in control of what happens to us, but through adequate training we can always control what we think.

    If what we have seen is the formula of the mindset ... you begin to understand what is the real reason why your life sucks?

    Your life sucks because you are a whiner

    I have already told you about the species of the whistle - frignonis in a previous article.

    The true whiner yes the Mint continuously, it is always against someone or something: it is against the politicians who have ruined this country, it is against the speculators who threaten the economy, it is against the immigrants who steal their jobs.

    The whiner is against, regardless.

    Guess what happens to those people who are constantly against something, that is, they are focused day and night on what they do not want in their life ...

    … Bingo! They do nothing but attract more and more of what they don't want in their life (and here the Law of Attraction fans just had a multiple orgasm).

    Whether you are a fanatic of the Law of Attraction, whether you believe in the strange interpretations of Quantum Physics by para-gurus or you simply follow your common sense, it does not matter, freely choose the interpretative lens that convinces you the most, but printed keep in mind the following:

    the more you focus on what you don't want the more you will see it popping up everywhere in your life.

    In other words: keep whining and your life will continue to suck.

    But luckily there is a solution ...

    A simple change

    The quote from Mother Teresa of Calcutta, with which I opened this article, is the only real secret you need to learn to really change your mental attitude and ultimately your life.

    Stop filling your days, your thoughts and your dialogues with everything you are against and start living, thinking and talking about what you are in favor of.

    Do you think that chatter in front of the coffee machine where you vent with your colleagues about everything that doesn't work is harmless? Well, they're literally ruining your life.

    Try for one day (one hour only, if you don't succeed the first time) to stop complaining: start focusing only on what you want truly.

    What are your goals? What goals do you want to reach? What solutions do you have in mind for the problems that surround you / us? What can your contribution be? What can you do now, at this very moment?

    I am suggesting you to trigger a small lever in your mind, to trigger a change that may seem simple, almost trivial, but which in reality requires a lot of training and which in return repays you with very sweet fruits.

    Who am I to tell you certain things? I told you, nobody. But this time you are the only one who can test what I have told you and finally start changing your life.

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