Finding work thanks to some tricks

Finding work thanks to some tricks

Finding work thanks to some tricks

Last update: 19 September, 2019

You have already had to find work? Nowadays it is a precious commodity, a kind of guarantee of survival in the absence of a substantial bank account. Furthermore, with less and less supply than demand, the number of candidates for any position is always greater than the number of places offered.

Finding work is good for your health. The negative relationship between unemployment and health has long been known. This relationship has been studied and discussed in numerous scientific treatises. On the psychological level, work is a valid field for one's personal fulfillment and for maintaining relationships.

Given its importance, today we reveal 5 tricks to find a job.

Effects of unemployment on health

The latest publications on the subject indicate that unemployment can be very harmful to our health (both physical and mental). Some of the harmful effects of chronic job search are as follows:

Increased mortality

Numerous researches link unemployment and the increase in general mortality. The risk of death from any cause has been reported to increase by 63% for the unemployed in the European Union.


The relationship between unemployment and rising suicide rates has long been established. Unemployment appears as one of the major risk factors for suicide worldwide. A recent study reports that the 3% increase in unemployment in Europe is related to the 4,45% increase in suicides.

Worst perception of health

The analysis of the survey results related to the perception of one's health reveals that unemployment impairs a person's perception of their state of health. A study carried out in Spain revealed that the perception of one's health is worse in regions where the unemployment rate is higher.

Worst mental health

Mental health problems are another condition associated with unemployment. In fact, among the unemployed the presence of mood disorders is also increasing. Unfortunately, depression stands out at the top of the list of ailments.

Increased alcohol consumption

Unemployment is a trigger for many addictions, it is the flame that lights the fuse. The person tries to escape from their uncomfortable situation, becoming more vulnerable to those stimuli that offer fast bursts of adrenaline, such as play, or that alter the perception of reality, such as alcohol.

A study conducted at European level indicates that alcohol consumption is increasing among the unemployed. Another study reports that with the 3% increase in unemployment, deaths from alcoholism increase by as much as 28%.

These are just a few examples of the harmful effects unemployment has on our health. Finding work is therefore a beneficial solution also in terms of health. To find it, however, you must first look for it.

5 tricks to find work

We can imagine the job search as the construction of a building. Where will we start building? Of course, you have to start from the ground up. Without a solid foundation, the building will eventually collapse.

When it comes to looking for work, the foundation is self-knowledge. Find answers to questions like: "What can I offer?", "Why would someone hire me?" to find out who you are on a professional level and what your professional goal is. Having a clear answer will allow you to search in the right place and propose yourself in a clear and interesting way to companies. At the same time, you will have the key to completing your training or reinventing yourself as you search.

Know yourself

To get to know each other on a working level, it is possible to carry out a simple exercise that will help us get to know each other better and understand where to improve.

Write down your strengths and weaknesses on a sheet of paper. An example of the former is "I am organized", or "I like to listen to others", "I concentrate easily" and so on. The same strengths can turn into weaknesses when they are absent.

Training the attitude

The road to job search is not an easy one to walk. Sometimes you will have the impression of retreating rather than advancing. Not giving up, however, is essential. A positive attitude is gradually acquired and it is normal to have ups and downs along the way.

It is very important to avoid negative thoughts, smile, value small things. Also, it is best to avoid comparing yourself to others. Each of us is wonderful and unique in his own way.

Be persevering

If you really believe it, sooner or later you will have won, even when it comes to finding work. Any goal to be reached requires an effort and to achieve it, tenacity, perseverance, persistence and commitment are required.

Those who are persevering will feel better about themselves. In this sense it is useful keep in mind the benefits that will be obtained once the goal is reached.

Be patient

Lack of patience is bad for our mental health. Impatience can generate strong frustration in us, causing us to fall into a spiral of pessimism. 

Training patience offers multiple benefits. Being patient when looking for work allows you to do your best and get closer and closer to your goal.

To plan

On the same level of patience and perseverance we find planning. They say that finding a job is a job in itself ... and any employment requires planning.

It will do no good to carry out disjointed actions that will not lead us to the desired results. We need to build a method to build on, based on planning and order.

There are many secrets to finding work, but the five tricks we have listed are a starting point to get you closer to your goals. It is true that sometimes it is enough just to be in the right place at the right time, and that social relations and knowledge are a fundamental point in the search for work.

In this sense, Put aside the shame and share your need to find work with people you know in the industry you are interested in. Nowadays many companies still hire by word of mouth, without making any ads public. They look for competent people, sure, but often they put recommended people they know they can trust.

To you who are looking for work, we wish all the luck in the world.

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