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    Enhance your career in 5 steps

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    Setting a goal to improve your career is of enormous importance to achieve the goals you have set for your career path

    Put yourself at the service of others

    Every workplace is filled with people who have a lot of experience but don't have the opportunity to put to good use all their knowledge. Take a survey in your office to see what skills people need, e proponite. A tutor can make you feel good and improve productivity and trust between you and colleagues and co-workers as they learn new skills.

    You yourself do not limit the idea that you have made about the skills of your colleagues directly related to their job, to their role. Your accounting colleague might be a yoga teacher, and give you a few lessons on how to maintain proper posture in the office.

    Don't lose sight of your performance

    A good leader works with their employees to create performance goals on an annual basis. If these goals are not revised in the middle of the year, it may be too late to catch up. Schedule a monthly meeting with your manager for review your progress.

    If, on the other hand, you are your own boss, or a freelance, you can do this evaluation on a daily basis (no kidding). If you don't come up with tasks that are critical / challenging for your career, talk to your manager. You may need to adjust some goals, or reduce external demands that are taking you away from the strategic goals you have built together.

    Solve problems without complaining

    Bosses are used to having employees who complain to them, but no one wants to be known as the employee who does nothing but complain. You will be more respected and empowered if you can suggest a couple of ways to resolve what frustrates you.

    When you identify a problem, it comes with the problem and the proposed solution: Nothing makes a boss's job easier than when their employees are proactive in providing solutions to problems. It helps the decision-making process of what to do, much easier, and earns important points for being the one who solves the critical issues.

    You and your company are one

    The company you work for has invested a lot of resources to build a strong brand, and you you represent that brand, whenever you are in the public eye. Whenever you attend a conference, business dinner, trade show, membership meeting or event, make sure you represent yourself and your company as well as possible.

    Share your experience on LinkedIn, talk in a group or community, about your company's products and services, and maintain a high standing of your professional reputation when using social media.

    Work smart

    If you are not looking for ways to be more efficient at work, you have to work smart to make this skill become a key part which helps you achieve your career goals. Believe it or not, the innovators aren't just people like Amazon's Jeff Bezos or Microsoft's Bill Gates changing the course of an entire industry.

    If you have an organizational idea that helps make things work better in the office, let the company know! Everyone will likely appreciate it, and implementing your idea could make everyone's job a lot easier.

    If you don't make an effort, nothing will happen to your career!

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