Disconnect from work and enjoy life

Disconnect from work and enjoy life

Disconnect from work and enjoy life

Last update: April 07, 2019

We do not notice it, but work begins to become the center of our concerns, and then becomes the only reason for living, the absolute protagonist of our time and our emotions. It turns out that this is not possible log out from work and enjoy life.

It is like being trapped in a web from which there is no escape. We would like to rest, spend more time on other things, but we can't. Disconnecting from work makes you feel guilty and anxious.

“The most productive work is that produced by a happy man”.
-Víctor Pauchet-

Little by little, almost imperceptibly, the conviction begins to arise in us that something is always missing to finish what we are doing in the best possible way. This is a trap. The activities to be concluded will always exist. And surely it is they that prevent us from unplugging. We fear, irrationally, that any neglect could be grounds for dismissal.

Strategies for disconnecting from work

Compulsory enjoyable activities

First of all, we must be aware of the fact that living in this way does not bring us any advantage. We turn away from the people we love and develop a latent anguish. Our life is limited and we do not experience the true joy of living.

A good idea to disconnect from work is to make a list of things we would like to do, which contains at least 20 activities. The idea it is to complete at least one activity a day, as a mandatory goal that we must set ourselves every day.

Savor and perceive

Sometimes the best way to disconnect from work and, consequently, connect with life again is to make better use of your senses. Surely there will be something that we have forgotten to look at, taste or perceive of the world around us.

So let's start focusing on what we eat. Let's feel its aroma, its consistency. We do the same thing with the music we listen to, the landscapes or works of art we contemplate, the aromas we feel, etc. We begin to reconnect with ourselves when we remember that we have five senses to interface with the world.

Technological disconnection

For many people, not using technology can come as a shock. It seems impossible to us to live without a telephone or without checking e-mail. We panic at the idea of ​​what might happen while we are disconnected from the tech world. We always seem to be missing something important.

However, turning off your phone or computer is essential to disconnect from work. As difficult as it may be, once it is done we will realize that it is not so terrible. You will be surprised at how relaxing it can be. If someone does not feel ready to give up technology in its entirety, he can at least try to limit the moments of access to technological platforms.

New interests

Disconnecting from work can result in an unbearable emptiness. Can throw on the ground. Sometimes you get to a point where you have two realities at your disposal: on the one hand, work; on the other, nothingness or chaos.

In these cases there is nothing better than developing new interests capable of replacing the chaos in the second of our realities available. A new hobby can fill that void that comes when we step away from our work obligations. A starting point that will soon be decisive in our rehabilitation path towards the joys of life.

Relaxation techniques

Practicing some relaxation techniques always helps. When it is impossible for us to disconnect from work, it is often because we are very stressed. This stress feeds on other stress. This is why it is important to regulate our emotions and let the body resume its natural rhythm.

There are several effective and interesting relaxation techniques. Yoga, meditation, sophrology and more. If they seem too demanding at first, just start focusing on your breathing for some time each day. per day are enough. Take it as a habit and don't give it up.

Learning to disconnect from work, without feeling guilty or anxious, is crucial for physical and mental health. Free time is a precious commodity that we shouldn't forget. Life is made up of many facets, and focusing on just one of them will deprive us of great wonders.

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