Change jobs: understand if it's time

Change jobs: understand if it's time

Change jobs: understand if it's time

Last update: 19 September, 2019

The working world has become very uncertain. The unemployment rate is so high that sometimes even a mediocre job is seen as a panacea for someone who has been out of work for a long time.. However, it is not uncommon to meet people who suffer from this situation, but never make up their minds to change jobs.

You have to be very careful in these cases, because carrying out a job you don't like can have serious consequences. The mind, of course, is affected and the same goes for the body. Being trapped in an everyday life that actually refuses is a good reason to get sick, literally.

"Work doesn't count for anything if it doesn't teach us something."

José Hernández

In general, what prevents you from changing jobs is fear. It is so strong that we prefer to waste our life and our best years doing something we don't like doing. Fear is almost always unfounded, it is more about a lack of confidence in one's abilities and a rather paranoid vision of reality.. Sure, finding a new job isn't easy, but it's not impossible either.

Maybe you need to go through a period of uncertainty when deciding to change jobs or maybe you need to adjust to a lower salary. However, these problems are easier to endure than a job you don't like. To find out if the time has come for you to change jobs, pay attention to the following signs.

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Signs that warn us that it is time to change jobs

1. Not getting paid

It sounds strange, but many work and are unpaid. Sometimes non-payment is justified with presumed training internships or trial periods. Employers charge for training and then ask to work for free until a certain level of competence is achieved.

Other times the full salary is not paid for financial reasons. In this case, the employer takes time to get back into the budget. Days, weeks, months go by, but the money is not seen. Don't wait to change jobs if you find yourself in this situation.

2. Continued threat of dismissal

Many companies decide to hire and fire their employees all the time. Either they are for profit or they have a type of contract that provides for dismissal at any time.

Such a mechanism does nothing but create discomfort. Anxiety becomes a constant. Nobody wants to lose their job, so everyone becomes extremely manipulable and falsely efficient. The working atmosphere is filled with tension and pent-up anger, as well as fear. It is not worth working in this way. Better to change jobs.

3. Feeling like you can't do it anymore

Any job involves effort and effort, and from time to time you have to deal with unpleasant tasks. However, what matters is the interest in the work that is done and the desire to complete it at best. If you have no interest in your job, maybe you need to change it.

At first apathy and listlessness appear. Then anxiety, fatigue, depression and physical illness can arise. There is no point in expanding circles that have already been completed. As drastic as it may sound, it's time for a change of scenery.

4. Work is not valued and does not allow for growth

One of the reasons that fuel motivation at work is the feedback we receive from employers, from colleagues, etc., in other words, the recognition of our commitment, our successes or our abilities.

If you have the feeling that your work is not appreciated, despite your efforts, perhaps it is good to change the air. If they don't value what you do, you will hardly be able to grow as a professional. And if you don't make progress, sooner or later your work will seem like a burden and not a tool to improve yourself.

5. Mentally quit your job

Sometimes it gets to a point where you mentally distance yourself from everything about work. There is a desire to spend as little time as possible at work, one is continually distracted and making plans that have nothing to do with work.

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If you have already mentally quit your job, it means nothing to you, it has no real place in your life. You go on out of habit, fear or need, but your mind and heart are long gone. Better to take note of the reality of the facts.

As difficult as it may seem, it is always better to change jobs in time than having to bear all the consequences of pursuing a profession that is now uncomfortable. We spend a good part of our life working, so the least we can expect is that our work contributes to our personal growth and not to our decadence.

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