How to better focus at work or study

    How to better focus at work or study

    How to better focus at work or study

    Last update: February 18, 2022

    As the Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti once said, concentration and attention are not the same thing. Here's the difference: being focused means focusing only on one thing, excluding everything else. Attention, on the other hand, concerns everything that happens around us, every detail, anything, when we pay attention nothing escapes us.

    If you need concentration while studying or at work to carry out a task that, based on the difficulty, requires your utmost attention or you simply want to practice, here are some 100% effective tips that will surely help you.:

    1. Begin by establishing what your priorities are. When the day begins, already think about what you will do, when you will do it, what you will set aside for another moment, what you will do first and so on. Set clear goals that are as realistic and specific as possible. If necessary or for convenience, write down what you have decided.

    2. First, eliminate anything that might be a distraction. Turn off your cell phone, television, radio (if they bother you) and choose a place where you feel comfortable. If you stay in a very noisy environment, use earplugs or earphones to minimize the disturbance. If any sudden noise distracts you momentarily, try to cancel it and regain focus. Some people find music to help them focus better. If that's your case, then study or work listening to your favorite music.

    3. Put all the materials you need in order so that you have them close at hand. When studying, you can use some techniques to better memorize information, such as underlining, making concept maps, writing notes, summarizing, highlighting important text fragments with different colors. Ultimately, use the technique that best suits you and that seems most useful to you.

    4. Take a break or change subjects after some time. It has been shown that after 90 minutes the concentration decreases, so after this time it is better to take a break and distract yourself for a moment. Listen to music, have a snack, have tea, etc., and then go back to your study or work you were doing.

    5. Keep the room where you study or work clean and tidy. This detail, so superficial at first glance, is extremely important. Try to order what you need so that you always have it at hand and always put it in the same place to find it easily, without wasting time.

    6. When you have to complete a very complex job, we advise you to divide it into several phases in order to complete it in the best possible way.. This will prevent you from getting anxious and you will be able to finish the job. You should also give yourself deadlines for each stage of the work. They have to be realistic in order not to generate false expectations.

    Once you have completed a job that took a lot of effort, reward yourself with something you like, such as taking a nap, watching television, having a coffee, talking on the phone, going out for a walk, in short, something that makes you feel good. .

    7. Get the amount of time your body needs sleep. This is essential, a good rest will allow you to perform more in case you need to study or work.

    8. Don't get worried. These, in fact, are a distraction. You can use different techniques to get rid of worries (for example, meditation, breathing, relaxation) and go to study or work without problems. Refer to the technique that gives you the best results.

    9. Choose the time of day when you feel most productive. It can be in the morning, afternoon or evening, the choice is personal. Try to find out in what moments of the day you give the best of yourself.

    What are you waiting for to put these tips into practice? As you can see, they are very simple, but when you follow them, you will see that your concentration, in work or in study, will increase and, consequently, your performance as well. Courage!

    Image courtesy of the University of Central Arkansas.

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