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    That is how to stay motivated and achieve your goals despite everything.

    Despite: composed of the Latin non and obstàntem, present participle of the verb obstàre (to contrast, to prevent, to be in opposition) - meaning: without the thing preventing.

    There are words that contain enormous energy: despite is one of them. In his 10 letters you can glimpse the secret to achieving your goals and keeping motivation alive.

    When we feel unmotivated, tired and stressed, our goals seem to become unattainable and we are seized by that feeling of helplessness for which everything appears to us. meaningless.

    But it is precisely these moments i most important crossroads in which, more or less consciously, we decide the fate of our dreams: will they remain such or will they materialize in our life?

    The answer to this question is contained in the word "despite".

    When you define a goal and you are sure of the "what" and "why", to reach it, all you have to do is continue to pursue your dreams ...

    • despite the failures.
    • despite bad luck.
    • despite the lack of time.
    • despite what others may think.
    • despite the demotivation.
    • despite the tiredness.
    • despite being unpleasant.
    • despite the doubts.
    • despite age.
    • despite the fear.

    Whenever you choose to take a step towards your goals despite everything, not only will you have approached your dreams but you will have transformed yourself in the man who is the protagonist of those dreams.

    Whenever we choose the best path instead of simpler path, the demotivation and the sense of frustration dissolve as if by magic, and the esteem in ourselves increases.

    Unfortunately, becoming aware of the power of the word "despite" does not make it easier toapplication. In all likelihood this week you will be faced with one or more situations in which you will have to choose whether to give up, or move on despite everything.

    In these brief moments in which we can choose which direction to give to the rudder, our most is enclosed great power: Before making any decisions, just try to remember the word "despite”And don't forget to let me know how it went.

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