Autocratic leader, what are the advantages?

Autocratic leader, what are the advantages?

The autocratic leader does not only have negative traits. Find out how this form of leadership can lead a team to success.

Autocratic leader, what are the advantages?

Last update: July 28, 2020

The autocratic leader is generally not well regarded by members of a work group. The reason lies in the fact that he tends to make the decisions he considers correct, according to his criteria, without taking into account the opinions of others.

A group feels the need to be heard and to have a leader aware that their decisions are not always the right ones. In other words, they want to feel like an active member of the team, as well as being valued. For this reason, the autocratic leader is also known as the authoritarian leader.

Characteristics of the autocratic leader

Of course, autocratic leadership is not suitable for all cases. For some working groups, however, it can be extremely useful. In the next few lines we will examine some characteristics of this leadership style and its advantages.

Rigid and structured work

Autocratic leadership can come in handy when working with people who tend to be distracting or to relax easily. The autocratic leader forces you to maintain a tight pace of work. While it may appear counterproductive, it actually improves both productivity and performance. It is a different way of leading a team, which can also produce good results.

"The value of a leader lies in his ability to turn problems into opportunities."

-Peter Drucker-

No contributions from other group members

In some cases, this may be because team members tend to communicate passively. In most cases, however, this is a result of the leader's behavior tends to prioritize his ideas and decisions, without taking into account those of others.

As bad as it may seem, it can be a good choice in certain cases. We think about situations in which decisions need to be made quickly and there is no time to confront the rest of the team.

In these cases, autocratic leadership turns out to be an extremely effective modality which, in addition, facilitates the whole work.

The leader takes care of the most important aspects

Another characteristic of the autocratic leader is that he hardly entrusts anybody in the group with important tasks that require great responsibility. This, in part, may prove to be positive, as the leader takes on the most burdensome issues of the job avoiding the accumulation of stress and pressure on the group. By doing so, everything flows much faster.

Communication with an autocratic leader is clearer

An extremely positive aspect of autocratic leadership is that communication tends to be clearer. The working group is informed about the rules to follow, the deadlines to be respected and the way in which things must be done.

Mistakes are more easily avoided and clear guidelines are established for everyone to follow. The best quality of a leader is to be able to communicate effectively and clearly what he wants to achieve. Undoubtedly, this is it the most advantageous feature of the autocratic leader.

Communication is a skill that is learned. It's like riding a bicycle or learning to write. If you are willing to work on it, you can quickly improve every aspect of your life.

-Brian Tracy-

The autocratic leader

The characteristics of the autocratic leader are many and can prove to be of great help in some situations. In fact, this type of driving is extremely effective in the following situations:

  • Small groups without leadership.
  • Extremely stressful situations and goals.
  • Repetitive activities.

The autocratic leader aims for productivity and focuses on specific activities. There is no room for creativity, which is why it is not suitable for creative work environments, but rather for those characterized by repetitive and monotonous activities.

There are different types of leadership that are perfectly suited to as many work groups. However, as we have just seen, when applied in the right context they can produce several benefits.

Authoritarian leadership is not always considered negative or deleterious. And, although it is more rigid and limits the autonomy of a team more, in many cases it is the most effective.

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