Alchemy and psychological development: what link?

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Alchemy and psychological development: what link?

The gold we crave is not material: it is found within us. That golden and dazzling shimmer that preserves the essence of creation, the divine essence.

Last update: Augusts 19, 2020

Alchemy, at least as Jungian analysts understand it, does not seek to transform lead or other metals into gold. There are those who manage to put into practice the true essence of alchemy: symbolically transforming what is material, earthly and unconscious into spiritual, conscious and sensible. This is real gold.

This immense work is carried out starting from the irrefutable assumption that it is necessary to make the spirit corporeal and spiritualize the body. It is a journey or a movement under the wings of the god Hermes-Mercury, mediator of opposites. According to Jung, the transformation of stones and metals concerns the transformation of the psyche projected into matter.

The alchemical work is transformed into the symbolic world, as in the case of the Holy Grail. Matter becomes form, the non-sensible acquires a sense, the unconscious becomes awareness. It would be a sort of transubstantiation or transformation of matter into pneuma or spirit.

The secret of alchemy and its link with psychological development

Based on the above, it is not surprising that in the context of alchemy we speak of sublimation, distillation and condensation or coagulation, for which this phenomenon would be regressive (dissolution) and progressive (condensation). These would be the fundamental phases of the esoteric process.

1st Moment: Black

Nigredo means dark, black: it is the process of dissolution (melancholy), characterized by regression, descent into hell or the unconscious.

2° Momentum: Albedo

albedo indicates white color, purification, catharsis. In this phase, the confrontation with the shadow and the support of the anima and animus is fundamental.

It is the moment in which to recognize, own and master all the "black" contents of the unconscious. At this stage, the foundations for enlightenment are laid.

3° Momentum: Rubedo

The rubedo, or bright golden-red, it refers to the iridescence or mystical aspect that is fully manifested in the Coniunctio(or alchemical marriage). In this transcendent moment, moreover, the incarnation of meaning in symbolic gold or Sun reborn from the womb of Mother Earth and from her darkness takes place.

The great secret of psychological alchemy

A follow we propose an initiatic path scheme undertaken to date by hundreds of people. It will be presented in the form of concept-ideas, so that the reader can create their own symbolic image along the way.

  • The absolute individual, in the midst of the liberation strategy, builds his magical octagon. Starting from this energetic space-time, conquered by force, he sets up his great work.
  • Through alchemy, it separates the elements that the other has united under the veil of maya in the world of forms and unites the elements that the other has kept separate in the whole emotional mirage.
  • Through magic, the science of the spirit, it combines in itself everything that the other has crumbled into the mental fog of illusion.
  • Through the identification process builds a bridge that joins existence, leaning on the shadow, the imagination and the symbolic, the three ancient sphinxes of the universe.
  • Only those who exist on their own can cross the four circles of creation:
    • First circle, the one in which the personal unconscious lives. In which the dead drag themselves towards the earth.
    • Second circle, the one inhabited bycollective unconscious, where archetypal forces drag towards the planetary psychosphere.
    • In the third circle lives the cosmic unconscious, in which the archons would drag towards the stars.
    • In the fourth circle lives the universal consciousness, in which the gods promote their arguments, recruiting followers.
  • The absolute individual frees himself by existing at every step and purifying his own quintessence.

As we have seen, well before even the pure concept of modern psychology existed there were already paths of initiation to reach the fullness of being, the absolute individual or individuation.

It follows that alchemy is not only the ancestor of chemistry, but also of psychology. Hermes Trismegistus is our most distant ancestor.

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