Why is a book always a great gift? 10 reasons

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The book is a wonderful, useful and practical gift. It is a gift that can be opened again and again. It's always good to have some new books on hand to take the worry out of searching for a suitable gift at the last minute. Here are 10 reasons why a book is always a good gift:

1. The book does not have an expiration date.

2. The book does not take up much space in the closet while waiting to be given away

3. It is easier to wrap a book than a soccer ball.

4. The book does not need batteries.

5. The book is never the wrong color or size.

6. Books do not cause allergies.

7. It's easy and cheap to mail a book.

8. No need to assemble the book before use.

9. As the book ages, its value increases.

10. When you finish reading the book, you are richer and the book is not empty!

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