Amazon best sellers in times of coronavirus

Amazon best sellers in times of coronavirus

Are you curious to know what are the best selling products on Amazon at the time of the Coronavirus? We do, that's why we went looking for the best sellers in each category, just to understand what the Spanish are buying at the moment.

What we discovered is pretty obvious, but there were a few surprises nonetheless.

best selling electronics

Now that we're all cooped up at home, it's no wonder the Fire Stick is at the top of Amazon's best-seller rankings in both the electronics and IT sectors. Everyone at home in front of the TV!

Ver Fire TV Stick en Amazon

best selling handmade products

Pretty obvious, right? But they are definitely cute, especially as an alternative to classic disposable surgical masks. Much more stylish and ecological.

See the cotton masks on Amazon

BestSeller CD and Vinili

The Coronavirus has really reached all Amazon categories, even on CD and Vinyl. The best seller in the category is precisely the vinyl "Living In A Ghost Town", the new single recorded at home by the Rolling Stones.

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Bestseller Health and Personal Care

I honestly expected to see something like this at the top of this category. The pulse oximeter without a doubt, also because there were already many who had it. But the fact that the infrared thermometer was in the first place surprised us, because better or worse we all already have a classic thermometer at home, what is the use of having such an advanced thermometer? The truth is that it is understandable: a fast non-contact thermometer is more hygienic than conventional ones, and surely those who have a company will have bought one to monitor their employees.

Go to pulse oximeter See thermometer

Bestseller Sports and Leisure

We need to find ways to stay fit now that gyms are closed. Everyone do fitness at home. We should collect some Youtube videos for those who want to lose weight hoping summer will come again this year.

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DIY bestseller

Discount to find them first in many categories (DIY, industry and science, etc...), especially now that they are mandatory to go to any public place.

See the masks on Amazon

Best sellers Home and kitchen

In the first place in the home and kitchen category we have a disinfectant spray. Definitely valid for those who want to eliminate the Coronavirus from the surfaces of their home.

See the disinfectant spray on Amazon

best selling office products

In first place in sales in the "Stationery" category are reams of printer paper. Probably even before the quarantine they were very successful, but now that everyone has to print self-certifications (which the government changes every day) the printer sheets will surely run out. We're kidding, come on (or maybe not?)


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