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Manage time means to manage one of the most precious treasures that we own. Even if time does not exist according to the theories of quantum mechanics, we know, however, that conventionally we all have 24 hours available for each of our days. It doesn't matter who we are or what we do in life, time is the same for everyone.

In the realm of time there are no rich and poor, there are no genes and intellects in the norm. No one is rewarded with more hours, minutes or seconds; and no one is punished by stealing hours, minutes or seconds. Furthermore, it is not possible to ask for advances on the future. Impossible to make debts! We can only live in the moment that passes. In short, tomorrow cannot be wasted: it is kept aside for us. And the past is now buried forever. Only today counts, and how we use it.

Use the time, don't let it slip away.

William Shakespeare

There are 4 ways to manage time

Manage the tempor in one way rather than another it determines different effects on the results that are achieved. Each of us has developed, voluntarily or involuntarily, a certain way to manage time. This way determines the approach and attitude that each person has towards their own distribution of time. You can locate four different ways about it, each of which creates one lifestyle very precise.

Manage time with a wandering mentality

Those who wander usually ignore the very concept of time. These are people who have decided to have a lifestyle entirely unstructured. They are happy to let the their existence fluctuates without a specific purpose, enjoying improvisation and uncertainty that derives from it. If they have a commitment it usually is temporary, as it is they rebel against any structure and any attempt to organize time. They are often late and hardly manage to be masters of their destiny. Indeed, they reject the very idea that one can somehow govern one's existence. They take it slow and they get carried away by chance, convinced that one day they will understand which direction to follow. Now, if you belong to this category of people, I don't mean that you are doing everything wrong. Besides who am I to judge you? Only you have the right to judge yourself, and no one else. Just keep this in mind: whoever wanders all his life precludes any possibility of choice and growth. It is not by wandering that you can improve.

Manage time from 9.00 to 17.00

Probably most people belong to this category. It is an attitude towards time that arises halfway between those who wander and the workaholic. These people express themselves best in a condition of moderate stress, being able to manage only a certain number of projects at the same time. They always prefer to keep the evening free. Success requires a price to pay in terms of effort, energy and time; but not everyone is willing to support it. There is a limit to what some are willing to pay for their financial and professional fulfillment: There are also other important values ​​in life that these people do not intend to sacrifice on the altar of material success. If you belong to this category, your life can definitely be more than satisfactory overall, but surely you will have to give up some more gratification in the working sphere.

Manage time as a workaholic

It is now a outdated concept successful that according to which to excel one must necessarily work longer and with greater commitment. But the stacanovisti they continue to be there! For them work is never enough. These people work at least 10 hours a day, but also 14 or even 16! The workaholic usually has two jobs, which diligently carries out one after the other. You feel great satisfaction in working hard, especially if sleep wins. Pleasure is denied and mostly thinks about completing further tasks. He takes short breaks. Although the workaholic is often admired for his uncommon stamina and the passion he puts into his work, the side effects of this kind of attitude: alienation of the family, stress, loss of health and a crisis of values. Also, paradoxically a workaholic attitude does not always lead to a lot of money! This because workaholics do not focus on the resultrather, they focus only on the tasks to be performed. So, if you belong to this category, and you only think about working hard, you should evaluate well the results you get and ask yourself if it is worth sacrificing all the other areas of your life.

Manage time in a balanced way

The fourth attitude that can be held towards time management is what I consider to be ideal as it is brings together the best aspects of the previous three. Chi sa manage time in a balanced way first of all it does not risk neglecting some aspects of one's life, but he manages to dedicate himself to each of them. He also knows how to take the time to let his mind wander, perhaps by doing nothing. Sometimes, too being alone for a while looking into space is not counterproductive at all, rather! Furthermore, like those who dedicate themselves to work from h. 9.00 to 17.00 knows that there are limits to be placed on daily working hours, since in life there are also other important values ​​to look after. And finally, like the workaholic, does not hold back if there are days or periods of more intense work in which it is necessary to work for many consecutive hours. The most important quality of those who fall into this category is that they manage to obtain excellent results because rather than working with just time, it takes above all intelligence. In short, it focuses on the increase of productivity, rather than on the use of more hours, using the power of leads. The lever, in fact, allows you to multiply your own value and the value of the service you offer. For example: it is possible to use the leverage of money by borrowing it and investing it in an asset that then bears fruit; or you can use the lever of time by multiplying your efforts through the creation of a team of people, in which each one takes care of a specific task.

The correct use of time and its effective use is a matter of crucial importance for the quality of one's life. Your happiness, like any achievement, depends on how well you manage time. You can never have more than 24 hours in a day, but you have, have had and will have all the time there is, without anyone being able to take away even a moment. Make the most of it and capitalize on it to the fullest!

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