Zone Diet: Breakdown of the Three Macronutrients

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Carbohydrates 40% of the total

Dr. Sears, author of the Zone Diet, recommends taking carbohydrates evaluation with low glycemic index, in such a way as to maintain bassi i levels di insulin.

Remember that the glycemic index (IG) corresponds - in a simplistic way - to the speed with which i carbohydrates, after digestion and absorption, they come poured out in the blood. So more high is l 'index glycemic of foods, the higher it will be overhang blood sugar and the consequent response insulin.

In this regard, the zone divides carbohydrates into:

  • favorablewho have a bass index glicemico and little stimulating effect on insulin secretion;
  • Unfavorablewho have a high glycemic index and induce an equally high insulin peak.

They are carbohydrates favorable: all the vegetables, except le carrots and all fruits, except the bananas el 'grape passes.

They are carbohydrates unfavorable: i starches and cereals. So I'm from avoid: bread, pasta, potatoes, rice.


Protein at 30% of the total

In the area yes avoid protein-rich foods saturated fats ed arachidonic acid, a fatty acid polyunsaturated which leads to the formation of bad eicosanoids.

Le best protein sources are: the fish, the white meat, Especially chicken breast e turkey, the meat of ostrich, L 'albumen egg and i low-fat cheeses.

The protein sources acceptable are for example the lean pork (such as loin, tenderloin and thigh), i cuts di White meat (e.g. rabbit), lean cured meats such as bresaola and defatted raw ham.

Le worst choices are, instead, the sausage, the offal, egg yolk, Red meat etc.

Protein too vegetable I'm a good choice, but theirs absorption è reduced because of the fiber.


Fat to 30% of the total

Dr. Sears and some doctors in the field, albeit in different ways, continue to argue that, despite the apparent contradiction, for consume fat we have to assume other fats with the diet.

The first responsible for the adipose increase would in fact be theexcess di carbohydrates he insulin fluctuations, not dietary lipids.

Logically you have to know how to choose, as some lipidi - se in excess - I'm virtually harmful while others allow improve la health and enter the area. Plus the fats slow l'absorption of carbohydrates, giving a very insulin response slower.

Favorable fats are contained (quantitatively) mainly in foods vegetable:

  • monounsaturated omega 9 oleic acid, Located above all in olive and in 'oil extra virgin olive oil;
  • polyunsaturated omega 3 alpha linolenic acid, found in some semi oily (as the linen) - almost always in association with good doses of linoleic acid omega 6.

The fat content is also an excellent choice in fish and in the algae, rich in the precious omega 3 (eicosapentaenoic acid e docosahexaenoic acid)

The fats unfavorable I am above all thearachidonic acid contained in the Red meat, in egg yolk, in the offal and all saturated fats as the whole milk, XNUMX/XNUMX cup salted butter, lard, the lard, in palm oil e palmisto etc.

Fats too hydrogenated and obtained for fractionation, represented in the margarine and by oli to frying, contained in fried foods and in almost all sweet snacks e salted, are potentially harmful.

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