Your light annoys those who live in the dark

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Your light annoys those who live in the dark

Last update: July 15, 2016

Letting the heart shine and wanting to share this feeling very annoys those who, on the other hand, have plunged their hearts into total darkness.. Wanting others to rejoice in your happiness shouldn't turn off your light.

But it's good that you know. In this life there are those who have a luminous essence that shines without blinding and those who blind with toxicity. These last people are, moreover, the symbol of what scares us and turns us off when we seek support most.

"Envy is a thousand times more terrible than hunger, because it is spiritual hunger"

(Miguel Unamuno)

Remember: these people don't need you and neither do you benefit from their presence. Because friends warm up in moments of suffering and rejoice when there are goals and motivations, and there are almost always.

Let toxic people drown in their own poison

Light and dark are part of nature, so bright people and dark people communicate with each other and sometimes infect each other. This is precisely why it is easy to meet people who live in the dark and who get annoyed by the light you emit.

Your light is not unpleasant, it's just that some people need to steal it from you to feel better, because in their soul there is malice and in their veins there is envy, much envy. You know those aesthetically very beautiful mushrooms, but not edible? Well, with toxic people it is the same thing: they approach you making you believe that they will be there for you and then, when it is the moment of truth, they poison you.

For this reason, avoid toxic companies and let go of individuals who do not share your happiness. If you think about it, those who don't rejoice in your successes don't really love you and that's the most important thing.

Is being happy frowned upon or is it okay?

We love sharing the good news with people we know, imbuing someone with our hopes, or alerting us that we have found our place in the world. And we do it through social networks, by phone, by e-mail, through songs or in a thousand other ways.

For this reason, we cannot understand the dissatisfaction of certain gestures that disapprove of our joyful state: we would expect a smile, a hug, a "that's fantastic, congratulations!". Has this ever happened to you? In those moments, the light that made us shine dims and the emotion fades as it does not find an appreciation reaction.

"I am happy that you are happy that I am happy that you are happy"

(Paul Auster)

When such episodes are repeated several times, we come to the conclusion that happiness is contagious only for those who let themselves be infected: it happens that our inner peace causes discomfort in others, but this has nothing to do with us, but with the management of others' emotions.

It is their darkness that harms your light

Reflecting on today's topic, I came up with a very interesting idea, with which you may agree: people who hate our light are like wisdom teeth, and now I'll explain why.

Wisdom teeth, sooner or later, must come out and probably will not do it harmoniously: at first they do not bother us, but when we think we are well, they start to hurt us. At that point, they lower our morale and drain our energy, so we are obliged to remove them, to eliminate them, so that they do not complicate our existence. Once removed, the relief we feel is unparalleled.

People with frost in the soul, and who cannot warm it, generate an impact equal to that of wisdom teeth: at some point in our life we ​​will meet them, because they are part of the human species. However, we must not forget that wisdom teeth are of no use, indeed they hinder our personal hygiene. Continue to shine with your light and do not allow the darkness of others to invade your soul.

"If laughter is contagious, let's make it an epidemic"

(Pablo Pacanowski)

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