Your heart will make you happy, learn to listen to it

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Your heart will make you happy, learn to listen to it

Last update: May 15, 2016

How do you think that famous people like Nelson Mandela or Gandhi managed to spend years locked up between four narrow walls and then, anyway, to forgive after the martyrdom? Because only our heart can set us free, not where we are.

Mandela always repeated to himself a famous poem, Invictus by William Ernest Henley. The last part reads: “I am the master of my destiny. I am the captain of my soul ”. Only within us resides our true strength and our most authentic freedom.

Your heart will set you free

On several occasions, we often hear phrases such as "this is a free country" or "that is a dictatorship where there is no freedom". Despite this, they are light statements that do not exactly correspond to the real meaning of being free or not being free.

One person may feel very free under a totalitarian government, while others, while living in a democratic country, may feel the chains of slavery. that weigh on his shoulders, as if they were a tombstone that weighs more and more with each step taken.

"The chains of slavery bind only the hands: it is the mind that sets man free".

-Franz Grillparzer-

Nevertheless, in our heart, in our mind and in our soul, no one can deprive us of true freedom. What does it matter if we can't express it? We will always be aware of the fact that we are beings with a conscience of their own and this cannot be taken away from us by anyone.

What happens when you don't listen to your heart?

When we say your heart will set you free, it means that only by listening to your true feelings, your most authentic nature and your most intimate way of being, will you be able to find yourself and understand exactly what your needs and desires are.

Now let's see some situations in which, if we didn't listen to our heart, a real cataclysm would break out within us which, far from making us free, would only be able to create an environment of slavery and annoyance.

  • Have you ever found yourself in a relationship that you know is not going anywhere? Resist because you think that this is how it should be or the insecurity triggered by loneliness and not having someone around corrupts your soul to prevent you from making that decision that, after all, you know is the most right.
  • How is work going? Do you think you are in the right place? Do you think you are doing a job for which you are suited and which allows you to develop all your personal and professional potential? Do you have a job in that company where you don't feel valued, but you don't want to quit because you have no choice but to work there and you are madly afraid of not finding another job, even if, perhaps, it is worth taking the risk?
  • What do you think of your friends? Do you feel valued when you are with them? Do you believe that the people around you deserve your company and your understanding or maybe you are so afraid to walk away from them because you think you will not tolerate loneliness or not feeling anyone close, even if they don't love you?

Listen to your heart

If you think you are in one of the situations mentioned above or in a similar context, we would like to give you some advice that we think will be useful for you to make a decision to help you develop your full potential:

  • Your heart will set you free, don't forget that. Look inside your heart and start a deep dialogue with yourself to understand what you really want. The first thing to do is set goals.

"If you don't have inner freedom, what other freedom do you hope to get?"

-Arturo Graf-

  • Once you've established your goals and figured out what your true desires are, it's time to believe in yourself. Along the way you will find many obstacles, for example people who will demoralize you or your own fears. Nevertheless, one day you will find yourself saying that it was difficult, but that you succeeded. Don't doubt it.
  • Always work to move in the right direction. You must know that you are about to embark on a complex and lonely path that few have the courage to follow. However, if you do not stop and keep moving forward, with your gaze fixed on your goals, nothing can stop you.

Now, remember this mantra: "your heart will set you free". You must walk towards your true personal and professional development and understand what your innermost desires are in order to respond the right way, just like you deserve to do.

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