You know me very well, but you will understand who I am only in the end

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Joe Dispenza

You know me very well, but you will understand who I am only in the end

Last update: 17 September, 2017

You know me very well. I'm here for you, I only have one chance to get you back and only at the end will I reveal my true identity to you. Answer me sincerely: How long have you not gazed at the stars? Is the led of your phone better than the dots from which the light of the sky slips?

I'd just like to get to you somehow, to you who already have some experience in life and you get along with the complexities of this society full of scarecrows with the smartphone. To you, who are losing the ability to surprise you, I write because deep down you know me.

I want you to pay attention to me

Now that you believe you have a single truth, yours, and that false stability covers your eyes with an advertisement for polarized glasses, now you can listen to me.. But ... Why would you ever listen to me? You, who have already traveled half the world and defend yourself with that English, never as good as you would like.

But you've read The World's Game, A Gang of Idiots, and even A Hundred Years of Loneliness, and seen the XNUMX best cult movies you found on a list packed by a guy who said he'd seen more movies than you and had criteria. so valid that they can be considered universal. How can I afford to tell you something, to you who are in love and have done a master in jumping into the void?

beachesTo you who already guard a lot of scars that you proudly show in front of friends

In spite of everything, I allow myself to write to you, I allow myself to tell you things to your face because you know me well, because I am you. Yes, where it hurts you, it hurts me too, those scars are mine too. In this sense, I am the person you have been, the child who burns within you and who is trapped inside a mass of bones and flesh, fears and illusions. Shrunken by the rules invented by a power-drunk ancestor.

I want you to get excited again

I want, I propose, that you look at the starry sky. I want, I would like, that things are just things and that people have the importance they deserve. I need you to get excited about the little details again, jumping in puddles and being able to run after pigeons like that kid in the park. That you do not shelter from the rain and be able to get drenched without fear.

Do it alone or in company, but be true to your feelings, don't let yourself down. Be consistent.

I greet you by telling you that I love you, and who more than me? For this I urge you, from the affection that unites us, I propose that you start from something simple. It can be a war of water balloons, defying gravity by skating on ice or a moment spent worrying only and exclusively about kicking a ball… And it gives that child another chance.

Think that the world is full of people who have disappointed you, but there are others who never will ... And the former will never be a good example of the latter.

I dedicate this song about self-love to you. A song by Daniele Groff that I recommend to you. I'm sure it will make you smile.

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