You have two opportunities in life: Enjoy in the first row or die slowly in the third

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To live is to constantly make decisions. In fact, we make decisions all the time, from the moment we open our eyes until we go to bed, some decisions are trivial, others are more important. But they all have an impact on our life, even if we are not always able to glimpse their consequences.Each decision always involves choosing something, so there will always be something else that we have to give up. Every decision takes us in one direction, away from the other path, we cannot escape the Butterfly Effect. So when we get to a certain point in our life we ​​should begin to decide more consciously.

Never miss an opportunity just because others don't like it

Society imposes its rules on us from childhood. Thus we soon learn that we must do what others expect of us. When we are young we depend on the approval of our parents, then on that of teachers, classmates and friends, and later on our co-workers. Over time that web gets more tangled until it wraps around us like a spider's web. Although we are able to notice their existence and learn to escape from them, the problem actually arises when we want others to always pat us on the back for our decisions. So often we make the mistake of choosing what others want while ignoring what truly satisfies us. We miss out on opportunities that would make us happy just because others don't like them. In this way, decision after decision, we end up building a life that doesn't satisfy us just to meet the standards set by society. This often means staying attached to a city we don't like just because we were born there or doing a job we don't like, hanging out with people we have nothing in common with, and being obsessively worried about how we look. way is the surest way to accumulate regrets and turn ourselves into chronic misery.

Sometimes thinking about yourself is not selfishness, but a matter of self-defense

Many people often accompany us on the journey of our life. We must try not to harm them, respect their decisions and, when possible, reach agreements that allow us to look in the same direction. This means that when making a decision we must also consider how it will affect these people, but it is one thing to be sensitive and caring and quite another to succumb to the wishes and expectations of others. There are people who are so possessive that they can choke us, in this case thinking about ourselves and choosing what makes us truly happy is not selfish, but a matter of self-defense. it is just to be happy. When we shine with joy we are able to enlighten others as well and bring some happiness into their life. This is the greatest gift we can offer. Therefore, never feel guilty for taking the opportunities that allow you to grow and be happy. Guilt is the straitjacket that has created a society too concerned for people to "fit in" and has nothing to do with happiness.

In life, as on Russian skirts, always choose the front row

If we think of life as a roller coaster, we realize that we have two options: sit in the front row and experience all the emotions intensely, or sit in the shelter of the third or fourth row.In the first row we can live the experience intensely, the wind us it will dishevel, we will feel the sensation of vertigo, we will laugh and we will cling to the arm of the person who is next to us. We will probably be even more afraid, sometimes it is the price to pay for the courage to live new adventures, but when we get off we will know that it was worth it. And later, as the years go by, we will continue to remember that moment. they reassure us and condition us by showing us what we are going to meet. It is likely that during the ride we will feel more comfortable, because we will experience less intense emotions, but in the future we will hardly remember the experience.The good news is that, unlike the roller coaster, in life you decide where to sit. . No one will take your chosen seat away from you, unless you allow it. Therefore, do not hide behind excuses, have the courage to choose what you like and make you happy. You may not know in advance what the journey of a lifetime will be like, but you can be sure it will be worth it.
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