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You don't have to judge

Last update: 27 September, 2015

"Do not expect others to understand your journey, especially if they have never had to walk your path"

- Master, I am here because I feel so small that I do not have the strength to do anything. They tell me that I am useless, that I never do anything good, that I am clumsy and a bit dumb. How can I improve? What can I do to be appreciated?

The master, without looking at him, replied:

- I'm sorry son, I can't help you, I have to solve my personal problem first. Maybe later …

And, after a pause, he continued:

- If you could help me first, I could solve this problem quickly and, maybe, then I could help you.

"Willingly, Master," the young man stammered, but he felt again that he was being neglected and that his needs were being overshadowed.

"Well," the master asserted.

He took off a ring that he wore on the little finger of his left hand and, giving it to the boy, said - take the horse that's out there and ride it to the market. I have to sell this ring because I have to pay a debt. You must try to get the highest amount of money from it that you can, not accepting less than a gold coin. Go right away and get back with that coin as soon as you can.

The young man took the ring and left. Upon his arrival, he immediately began to offer the ring to the merchants. They looked at him with some interest, but only until the young man explained how much he wanted for the ring.

When the young man offered the gold coin as a price, someone laughed, others turned and walked away and only an old man was kind enough to explain to him that a gold coin was really too much for that ring.

Attempting to help him, a man offered him a silver and a copper coin, but the young man had precise instructions: he could not accept less than a gold coin; therefore he refused. After offering the jewel to every passerby (more than a hundred people), he was disheartened by his failure, mounted his horse and returned.

How he wished he had a gold coin! She could have given it to the teacher to free him from his concern and, therefore, receive his advice and his help. He walked into the room.

“Master,” he said, “I'm sorry, but it is impossible to obtain what you asked of me. Maybe I could earn two or three silver coins, but I can't fool anyone about the true value of the ring.

- It is very important what you said, my young friend - replied the teacher with a smile - first, we must know the true value of the ring. He gets back on his horse and go to the jeweler. Who can know better than him? Tell him you would like to sell the ring and ask him how much he can give you. But don't mind his offer, don't sell it to him: he comes back here with my ring.

The young man mounted his horse again. The jeweler examined the ring in the candlestick light, looked at it with the magnifying glass, weighed it and then said:

- Boy, tell your master that if he wants to sell his ring now, I can't give him more than 58 gold.

- 58 gold coins ?? Exclaimed the young man.

- Yes - replied the jeweler - with a little time available we could get almost 70 coins, but if you need to sell it urgently ...

The young man ran excitedly to the master's house to tell him what had happened.

- Sit down, - said the master after listening to him - you are like this ring: a precious and unique jewel. As such, only a true expert can recognize your worth. Why do you spend your life expecting everyone to realize what you are worth?

Having said that, he slipped the ring back on to the little finger of his left hand.

Today we told you this story because it is important not to judge. You know a person's name, not his story. Its merits and defects are not known.

Don't judge unless you have been in the same shoes as a person and behaved differently. The only thing that is known about a person is what they have told them and what they have learned. We do not stop even for a moment to look around. Each of us walks our own path, so su takes on the responsibility of appreciating yourself.

We hurt ourselves, thinking that what others believe about us is our real price. However, one must learn the lesson and not make this mistake again, be immune to the judgments of others. Our price is what we would be willing to pay and you have to play the part of yourself for the rest of your days.

The only way to feel free is to stop comparing yourself to others; no gold can pay our person. Our image is a reflection of our confidence and self-esteem, things that we can only find within ourselves. You cannot imagine how wonderful it is to stop looking outside for what you actually have inside.

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