Yogurt: properties, benefits, use

The Yogurt it is a derivative of milk also suitable for lactose intolerant people. Rich in calcium and vitamins, yogurt rebalances the intestine and is a healthy and rich food. Let's find out better.

> 1. Properties and benefits of yogurt

> 2. Yogurt, ally of

> 3. Cosmetic use of yogurt

> 4. Use in the kitchen

> 5. Curiosities about yogurt

Yogurt: properties, benefits, use



Properties and benefits of yogurt

Lo yogurt interoceptive contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, a good percentage of calcium, vitamins, especially those of group B. I eat a lot saziante, suitable for low-calorie diets, favors the exchange of bile e rebalances the cholesterol; just think that a 150 g jar of natural yogurt provides a third of the recommended daily intake of calcium at only 90-100 kcal.

Even those who suffer from lactose intolerance can benefit from this food, because the lactose, through fermentation, it breaks down into two sugars, the glucose and galactose, easily assimilated by the body.

The acidity of the yogurt favors the development of a intestinal bacterial flora able to counteract the putrefactive phenomena that occur in the intestine. This action is due to the proportion between two fermenting microorganisms, Streptococcus termophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus, and the starting quality of the milk.

- whole white yoghurt on the market they have more or less the same nutritional values ​​and the preference may depend on the number of live cultures shown on the package. Other yogurts with fruit, cereals, etc. they must also be evaluated on the basis of calorie content.


Yogurt, ally of

Intestine, skin, central nervous system. Yogurt is also ally of mothers: it is essential for the proper nutrition in pregnancy, for the development of the fetus because it increases the levels of folic acid.


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Cosmetic use of yogurt

Many and many appreciate the double use that can be made of it yogurt, summarized in the motto: if you don't eat it, spread it! Some examples? 

Moisturizing mask
Get yourself a blender and mix a banana, 125 ml of natural yogurt, a tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of oil. Spread on the skin and let it act for 20 minutes and then rinse with plenty of warm water.

Toning mask
Mix a jar of yogurt with the juice of 3 tomatoes. Separately, boil 100 ml of distilled water and 50 g of oatmeal. Once cooled, mix everything until you get a creamy mixture to spread on the face. Leave to act for 20 minutes then rinse with warm water.


Use in the kitchen

Here is the recipe for a healthy breakfast based on croissants with yogurt.

Melt 125 g of butter in a double boiler, then leave to cool. Pour into the mixer 250 g of flour with 1/2 sachet of yeast, the cooled melted butter, 125 g of natural whole yogurt and a pinch of salt. Run the mixer until the mixture is compact.

Work the dough a little by hand, sprinkle flour on the pastry board and roll out the dough in a circle with a rolling pin. Cut it into 8 wedges, adjust the edges and stretch each wedge with a rolling pin. Stuffed with jam, nutella or honey, roll up the croissants, arrange them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Put them in the oven at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes. Sprinkle them with powdered sugar.


Curiosities about yogurt

  • Term of Caucasian origin, the etymology goes back to the Turkish word knead, which means “to mix with a utensil.” Other sources link the term to Arabic yogurut which means "thick milk".
  • Spaceballs, a famous parody of Star Wars, is a 1987 film directed by Mel Brooks. In the film, the director plays a character called Yogurt who reworks the famous phrase uttered by Obi-Wan Kenobi from May the force be with you to May the Effort be with you!
  • The cradle of yogurt was Danone. The first to study yogurt in the laboratory was the Russian microbiologist Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov, researcher of the Pasteur Institute in Paris, intrigued by the longevity of the Bulgarian populations. He thus discovered how important Lactobacillus bulgaricus was for the health of our organism and convinced the Spanish entrepreneur Isaac carasso to develop industrial technologies for the production of yogurt. Carasso invested in the idea of ​​the microbiologist and in 1919 he built the first commercial establishment for the production of yogurt in Barcelona, ​​calling his business Danone (the diminutive of his son's name, Daniel, in Catalan) still present on the market today. Isaac's heir, Daniel Carasso died in Paris in 2009 at the age of 103. On the occasion of the XNUMXth anniversary of the product, Daniel Carasso declared to the press: My dream was to transform Danone into a product known all over the world. A dream that has come true, from father to son.
  • Between July and August, in the splendid setting of Sterzing, Yogurt Days take place: tasty tastings, musical and non-musical entertainment, captivating offers.


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